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Special Use Permit (Canoe/Carry In/MRT Camping)

  1. Wright County Parks
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  2. Special Use Permit
    Please fill out the following form to obtain a Special Use Permit for Canoe Camping at one of our parks along the North Fork/Crow River, Carry In Camp in either the North or South Unit of Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve, or for camping along the MRT at Montissippi.
  3. Please list the dates and locations of you itinerary. (i.e. 07/7/2015 -Launch, Albrights Mill, 07/7/2015 - Overnight stay at Bill Anderson, 07/8/2015 - Exit River at Humphrey Arends)
  4. Please list what park all vehicles will be parked overnight in with the License Plate #, make, model, and color of the vehicle.
  5. Please select the date range you are requesting a carry in camping permit for.
  6. Waiver of Liability*
    The reserving group/individual agrees to hold the County harmless from all liability, claims, or actions relating to injury or damage to person or property that may, in any manner, result from or arise out of the reserving group's/individual's use of Wright County Parks Property. The reserving groups/individual shall be responsible for leaving the area in the condition as it was when first occupied. The reserving groups/individual agree to adhere to all County Park Ordinances.
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