Why won't the application let me move to the next screen?

Please make sure all questions have been answered and that they are in the proper format for the field and no extra spaces have been added.

Such as:

  • Date: MM/DD/YYYY
  • Phone number: XXX-XXX-XXXX
  • Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX

If all fields are formatted properly, and all questions have been answers, hit tab to exit the last field entered, and the “NEXT” button should highlight. 

If you are still having problems moving to the next screen, please contact our office.

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1. What is homestead?
2. What is relative homestead?
3. What is a fractional homestead?
4. What qualifies me for homestead?
5. Can I have more than one homestead?
6. Can I get full homestead with a relative as a co-owner?
7. When do I have to apply by?
8. Do I need to do this every year?
9. Where can I find my property ID?
10. Do I need to enter the "R" or hyphens in my property ID?
11. Do I need to include my spouse? Children?
12. Do I need to upload/attach anything to the homestead application?
13. Why won't the application let me move to the next screen?
14. Why am I getting a letter from the Minnesota Department of Revenue?