What is the Law Library and Self-Help Center?

The 10th District Self-Help Center can provide information about court processes and procedures, can review forms for completeness and can provide assistance in locating free or low-cost legal services and programs including legal advice clinics.  The Wright County Law Library is located in Room 240 and can assist you with locating legal materials, researching legal issues, and obtaining court forms.  Note that the Self-Help Center and Law Library, cannot provide legal advice.       

10th District Self-Help Center website: https://www.lawhelpmn.org/files/1765CC5E-1EC9-4FC4-65EC-957272D8A04E/attachments/0B5D63D3-8F6E-44C4-8604-E016D8B55663/10th-self-help-center-brochure-v.5.0docx.pdf

Wright County Law Library website:  https://www.co.wright.mn.us/197/Law-Library 

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15. What is the Law Library and Self-Help Center?