What is the cost for a permit to carry?
The fee for a new permit to carry is $100. The fee for a renewal is $75 if you apply within 90 days before your expiration date. The fee is $85 if you apply within 30 days after your expiration date. If you permit is more than 30 days expired, it is considered a “new” permit and you will be charged $100.

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1. Where can I apply for a permit to carry a pistol?
2. Can I apply for a permit to carry if I am not a U.S. citizen but have permanent resident alien status in the United States?
3. Where can I get a permit to carry application?
4. Can I apply for my permit by mail?
5. What are the requirements for getting a permit to carry?
6. What is the process for obtaining or renewing my permit to carry?
7. When is a permit to carry not required?
8. Where can I find a list of approved firearms training classes?
9. If I am a non-resident on MN, must I take an approved firearms training class in Minnesota in order to get a permit?
10. Do members of the military need to take additional firearms training in order to apply for a permit to carry?
11. What is the cost for a permit to carry?
12. How long do I have to wait to get my permit?
13. How long is my permit valid?
14. Can I get an emergency permit to carry?
15. What would prevent me from getting a permit to carry?
16. Where is my Minnesota permit valid?
17. Do I need to have my permit card with me when carrying a pistol?
18. Do I have to disclose to a peace officer that I am a permit holder and carrying a firearm?
19. Do I need to notify the Sheriff’s Office when I move?
20. Does the address on my permit to carry need to match the address on my drivers license?
21. If I have a permit to carry a pistol, do I have to conceal the pistol?
22. If I do not want to conceal my pistol, can I carry a pistol without a permit if it is not concealed?
23. If I have a permit to carry a pistol, do I need to apply for a permit to purchase if I want to purchase a handgun?
24. Where am I prohibited from carrying my pistol?
25. Can my landlord restrict me from carrying or possessing firearms on residence premises?
26. Can I prohibit firearms in my private residence?
27. If I am a resident of a state that does not have reciprocity with Minnesota, but have a permit to carry from a state that does, may I carry in Minnesota?
28. How can I legally transport a firearm without obtaining a permit to carry?
29. Is there a public list of permit to carry holders or can I call local law enforcement to find out which individuals in my community have a permit to carry?
30. When my 5 year permit is about to expire, do I need to retake the approved firearms training class before I apply for a renewal permit?
31. Where do I renew my permit to carry?