Who's in jail?

The Wright County Sheriff's Office provides information on adults in custody for public viewing via an internet connection. Jail Media Report is a listing all adults recently booked into the Wright County Jail. The Jail Census is a complete listing of adults currently in custody. These reports are updated and published daily, Monday - Friday, with the exception of holidays. Look up who is currently in jail by viewing the Jail Roster.

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1. How do I deposit money on an inmate's account?
2. How do I leave a message for an inmate?
3. What are the jail visiting hours?
4. What is the "Huber Law"?
5. What is the average daily population in the Wright County Jail?
6. What is "Pay-for-Stay"?
7. Who's in jail?
8. I need my fingerprints for a non-criminal matter. How do I get that done?