Polling Places

Polling Locations for the Fall 2023 School Elections

Independent School District 877 (Buffalo, Hanover, Montrose)

877 Combined Polling Place Precinct 1

Buffalo Covenant Church

1601 Highway 25 North

Buffalo, MN 55313


Serving Voters from Buffalo P1, Buffalo P2, Buffalo P3, Buffalo Township, Chatham Township, Maple Lake, Monticello, and Rockford.


877 Combined Polling Place Precinct 2


Montrose Community Center

200 Center Avenue South

Montrose, MN 55363


Serving Voters from City of Montrose, Franklin Township, Marysville Township, and Woodland Township.


877 Combined Polling Place Precinct 3


Hanover City Hall

11250 5th Street NE

Hanover, MN 55341


Serving Voters from Corcoran, Hanover, Greenfield, St. Michael, and the City of Rogers P2.

Independent School District 2687 (Howard Lake, Waverly, Winsted)

2687 Combined Polling Place Precinct 1


Howard Lake City Hall

625 8th Avenue

Howard Lake, MN 55349


Serving Voters from Howard Lake, Middleville Township, Victor Township, Albion Township and Stockholm Township.


2687 Combined Polling Place Precinct 2


Waverly City Hall

502 Atlantic Avenue

Waverly MN 55390


Serving Voters from Waverly, Marysville Township and Woodland Township


2687 Combined Polling Place Precinct 3


Winsted City Hall

201 1st Street North

Winsted, MN 55395


Serving Voters from Winsted and Winsted Township, and Hollywood Township.


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