License Fee
MN Statute
Auctioneer License $20.00 Chapter 330 Application       Workers Comp Form        Irrevocable Consent(Non-Res Reciprocity)
Liquor License Varies Chapter 340A MN Department of Public Safety
Fireworks Display $25.00 Chapter 624 Application                             Water Event - Permit            Workers Comp Form
Fireworks Retail $350.00 Chapter 624 Application                                                                           Workers Comp Form
Large Group Assembly $500.00 N/A Application                              Workers Comp Form
Precious Metals License $20.00 Chapter 325 Application                              Workers Comp Form
Tobacco License $200.00 Chapter 461 Noncorporate App, Corporate App, CT102, Workers Comp Form
Transient Merchant License $150.00 Chapter 329 Application          Affidavit        Workers Comp Form
Please note that tobacco products shops and retail establishments selling tobacco must comply with the setback requirements outlined in Chapter 110 of the Wright County Ordinances.  You may use this map to view whether or not your location is compliant with Wright County Ordinances.  Information from the map is for informational purposes only.