Recording Documents Electronically

Recording Documents Electronically

Electronic recording aka eRecording, enables title companies, lenders, law firms and other Real Estate Professionals to electronically record documents with Wright County through the internet.
Electronic recording is rapidly becoming the preferred method to submit documents for recording.
How does a company get started?
Contact one of the Trusted Submitters shown in the announcement.


We encourage all Real Estate Professionals to submit recordings electronically. eRecording is secure and can easily be done from your home or office.  

Here is a directory of local title companies who may be able to electronically record for you:  MLTA Listing

Wright County joined several counties across the state in an effort to eRecord all real estate document types.

  Please see the attached list of document types allowed.

  To get started with eRecording, contact one of these state recognized vendors: 

Additional Information about the Electronic Real Estate Recording Process is available at MNERERC