Credential of License or Ordination

New Address:

Wright County Recorder, 3650 Braddock Avenue Northeast, Suite 1500, Buffalo, MN  55313.

This service will continue to be provided by appointment:

Certificate of Filing form is available for download on our website. Apply by mail, drop box or fax your request to our fax: 763.684.4558. The form will need to be signed and NOTARIZED. Mail check or pay on our website with credit card referencing ordained person.

Phone:  763.682.7357 (press 2 for appointment) 
Phone:  763.682.7357 (press 6 for questions)

Filing Credentials of License or Ordination

For an ordained person (both Minnesota residents and non-residents) to be authorized to perform marriage ceremonies in Minnesota, the person must be at least 21 years old and must file their "credentials of license or ordination" with a Minnesota county (MN Statute 517.05).   Once this is done marriages may be performed anywhere in the State of Minnesota.  

In Person by Appointment Only

Bring the following items       

  • Complete a Certificate of Filing form
  • Provide a copy of your credential of license or ordination
  • Proof of Identification
  • Pay the $30.00 filing fee (check or pay online)  

By Mail

  • Submit a completed and notarized Certificate of Filing form
  • A copy of your credential license or ordination.  If your credential has information on both sides, such as a wallet card, please provide a copy of each side.
  • Filing Fee $30.00 (check or pay online) 
  • Include Postage/Handling Charge:  $5.00 OR Priority Mail $8.05
  • Priority Processing:  $20.00 (optional)  
  • Mail to:  Wright County Recorder
                   Attn:  Credentials
                   3650 Braddock Avenue NE, Suite 1500V
                   Buffalo, MN  55313

Information for Marriage Officiant

A marriage license that was issued by Wright County is given to the applicants at the time they complete the application process.  They will receive two pieces of paper that include the marriage license and the marriage certificate.  They will also receive and envelope that can be used to send the completed certificate back to our office.  The marriage license shall be kept by the officiant as proof of your authority to solemnize the marriage.  The marriage certificate needs to be completed by the officiant.  Failure to complete the marriage certificate properly will result in a delay of the issuance of the certified marriage.  
If you have any questions about performing a marriage within the borders of Minnesota please contact our office at Phone: 763.682.7357 (press 6)