Special Permits

The Wright County Sheriff's Office issues permits for various activities or events.

Floating Raft Permit – a raft used for swimming directly within property boundaries of permit applicant.

Renewal of Floating raft Permit – only for renewal, (requires permit number)

Fishing Contest – Any fishing contest being held on any body of water in Wright County

Mooring Buoy – Any type of buoy used to anchor a boat in the water of any body of water in Wright County

Swim area - lake shore property owner requesting a private swim area must complete application

Slalom Course – owner of slalom course wishing to leave the course up overnight must have a permit

Water Ski Jump – Owner of water ski jump wishing to leave the jump in place overnight must have a permit.

Water Event – Any event that has participants, spectators, or contest of some type that is takes place on the surface of the water is required to have a permit. (I.e. polar plunge, water ski show)

Explosives/Fireworks – All Explosives/Fireworks permits will go through the Auditor/Treasurers Office.  The permit application can be opened by following this link.  If fireworks will be launched from a raft please also fill out the Water Event Permit above.  

Other – Any structure that will be place on the water surface overnight that is not occupied requires a permit. (I.e. water fountain, loon nesting raft, sign on the ice)  Exception – fish house on ice.

Complete application, save to your computer, attach/scan in needed documents and then send application and all documents required as single email to Sheriff.Permits@co.wright.mn.us.