Health & Human Services Fee Schedule -2024

Administrative Fees

Mobile Home Assessments
Mobile Home Reassessments
Representative Payment Program
% of Income or Court Ordered
Miscellaneous Fees (EHM, Drug Test, etc.)
Fee Determination
Collection Charge
$85see Finance & Taxpayer Services 
Minimum Subpoena Rate
$600or per Contract
Employee Costs

     Social Services$77 per hour
     Financial Services$63 per hour
     Public Health Services$62 per hour
     Office Support$39 per hour

Public Health Services

Hemoglobin Screening
Tetanus (Tdap) Immunization
Influenza Immunization – Mist
Influenza Immunization
Influenza Immunization – High Dose
Hepatitis B Immunization
Mantoux Test
Cholesterol Screening 
Cholesterol Screening (Non-Fasting)
Radon Test Kit
Car Seat Checks
Child & Teen Checkup
Lead Blood Screening
Dental Fluoride Varnish (Adults & Children)
Vaccine Administration Fee
Diabetes A1C Screening
Blood Glucose Screening
Alcohol Sales Training Courses 
$20per Individual
Alcohol Sales Training Course - Special Events
$100per Training 
Private Well Water Testing - Bacteria
Private Well Water Testing - Nitrate
(Foster Care Provider Fees Are Waived)
$30per Test
Public Health 60+ and Healthy Clinic (County Residents)
$25per Individual
Public Health 60+ and Healthy Clinic (Non-County Residents)
$50per Individual

Social Service Fees

Detoxification Services
Out-of-Home Placements (DD/SED)
State Fee ScheduleState Fee Schedule (DH 2977)
Out-of-Home Placements
Stepparent Adoption
Stepparent Adoption (Waived Home Visit Fees)
Child Care Licensing / Renewals 1-year License
Child Care Licensing / Renewals 2-year License
Corporate Foster Care Licenses
SSDI Records Request

* These Fees are Eligible for the Sliding Fee Scale Below

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