Finance & Taxpayer Services Department Fee Schedule - 2024

ItemCostDescriptionStatute Information



Copy-Print Screen$0.25

Copy-Tax Statement$1plus postage
All County Credit Card Processing Fee2.40%Fee, With a Minimum of $1.80 (Exceptions, Property Tax Credit Card and License Center Transactions)
Credit Card Convenience Fee, License Center2.15%Fee, With a Minimum of $1.75, for License Center Debit and Credit Card Transactions
Credit Card Convenience Fee, Property Tax Payments2.40%
Fee, With a Minimum of $1.80, for Property Tax Credit Card Transactions
Flat Fee for Property Tax Debit Card Transactions
Flat Fee for Property Tax ECheck Transactions

Notary Services$1
MN Statute 357.17

Business Licensing

Auctioneer License$20
MN State Statute 330.01
Beer License On Sale 12 months
Beer License Off Sale 12 months
Beer License On Sale 6 months
Beer License Off Sale 6 months

Consumption & Display (Set-up) Fee$250

Fireworks Display Permit
Fireworks Retailer Permit
Fireworks "Other" Retailer Permit
per parcel
Large Group Assembly Fee, First Time Application
Large Group Assembly Fee
First Time Large Group Assembly License Fee
Annual Event Held within 24 Months of Prior Event

Liquor License On Sale (including Sunday)
Liquor License On/Off Sale (including Sunday)
Liquor License Off Sale
Liquor License Temporary

Liquor License Compliance Check Violation-1st 
Liquor License Compliance Check Violation-2nd
Liquor License Compliance Check Violation-3rd 
First Violation
Second Violation within 2 Years
Third Violation within 3 Years, Plus One Week Suspension of License

Precious Metal Dealer Permit$20

Tobacco License
Tobacco License Late Renewal Fee

Transient License Late Renewal Fee
Transient Merchant License


Accepted Absentee/Mail Ballot List Request$30

Registered Voter Certificate$5

Voter Certificate from SVRS$5


All County Collection Charges$85

All County Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee$30

Fiscal Agent Administrative Fee-Accounting Services
Fiscal Aged Administrative Fee-Payroll Services
per Month
per Month

Property Taxation

Audit Reports$150

Auditor Certificate-Bond$150

Auditor's Certificate of Compliance$75

Confession of Judgement$100

Parcel Data Files$0.06
per Parcel
Setup per Extract
MN Statute Section 13.03, subd. 3(d)
Delinquent Manufactured Home Tax Lien Fee
Delinquent Manufactured Home Tax Administrative Fee
Delinquent Real Estate Tax Administrative Fee
per Parcel
per Parcel
per Parcel

Escrow Setup, Maintenance, Electronic Processing$3per Parcel
Green Acre Payback Calculation
Green Acre Payback Calculation Expedited
per Parcel
per Parcel (within 3 business days)

Notice of Expiration of Redemption$100

Research Fee$40per Hour
School District Map$3

Septic Loan Processing Fee$50

Special Assessment Search/Certification
Special Assessment Setup Fee and Maintenance Fee

per parcel

Tax Forfeit Repurchase$100

Tax Search/Certify/Delinquent$5per parcel
TIF Setup$400

Passport Fees

Passport Book (Under 15 Years)
Passport Book (16 Years and Over)
Passport Book Expedited (Under 15 Years)
Passport Book Expedited (16 Years and Over)
plus $35 Application Fee
plus $35 Application Fee
plus $35 Application Fee
plus $35 Application Fee
US Dept. of State
Passport Card (Under 15 Years)
Passport Card (16 Years and Over)
Passport Card Expedited (Under 15 Years)
Passport Card Expedited (16 Years and Over)
plus $35 Application Fee
plus $35 Application Fee
plus $35 Application Fee
plus $35 Application Fee
US Dept. of State
Passport Photo$15

License Center

Class D Manual$5

Motorcycle Manual$5

CDL Manual$10

Class D Exam$10

License Center: Other Statutory Fees

Motor Vehicle Registration Fees

MN Statute 168.013
Motor Vehicle Fees (Title, Plate, Excise Tax, Filing Fees, Etc.)

MN Statute 168.001-168.846
Driver License Fees

MN Statute 171.06
Game and Fish Fees

MN Statute 97A.475
DNR Fees (Boat, Snowmobile, ATV, OHM, OHV Transfer & Registration)

MN Statute 84.82