Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule - 2023

Compost and Recycling Facility Fee Schedule


Appointment Needed

Television Larger: Flat Screen 30" & Tube 18"$20.00per unit
Television Smaller Than: Flat Screen 30" & Tube 18"$10.00per unit
Computers (CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse)$20.00per unit
Printer with scanner$20.00per unit
Residential appliances$20.00per unit
Gas Refrigerator (Under 4' in height)$150.00per unit 
Residential Dehumidifier$10.00per unit
Countertop Microwaves$10.00per unit
Residential air conditioner$20.00per unit
Tires: car, light truck 21" & under$3.00per tire up to 10. $6 per tire over Qty. 10
Tires: larger trucks 22" & larger$10.00per tire up to 10. $15 per tire over Qty. 10
Tires: tractor$30.00per tire up to 2.  $40 per tire over Qty. 2
Rims still on Tire$1.00extra per unit
Ballasts (PCB only)$2.00per pound
Fluorescent lamps$1.00per lamp (under 10 units)
Antifreeze$2.50per gallon (under 5 gallons)
Oil filters$0.50per filter (under 10 units)
Used oilN/Cfree
Paint: oil based, latex, varnish, stain$2.00per gallon (under 30 gallons)
Solvent, flammable liquidsN/Cfree
Paint related items/blacktopN/Cfree
Pesticides/herbicides: liquid or solidN/Cfree
Batteries: C/T, RV, Rechargeable, etc.N/Cfree
Propane cylinders: 1 lbN/Cfree

$6.00all others (propane cylinders other than 1 lb.)

No Appointment Needed

Aluminum/tin (cans)/scrap metalN/Cfree
Plastics/glass: clear, brown, greenN/Cfree
Child car seatsN/Cfree
Christmas string lightsN/Cfree
Clean white rigid foamN/Cfree
Yard waste/brushN/Cfree

Items Not Accepted

Business or commercial wastes

Mattresses, box springs, or furniture

Carpet or padding

Construction lumber of any type

Railroad ties or landscaping material

#6 or unmarked plastics

Foam packing peanuts

Dirty, greasy or soiled corrugated cardboard

Dirty, greasy or soiled corrugated cardboard

 Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule

Building PermitsCostDescription 
Residential Construction

    Dwellings, additions, decks, storage structures, etc.
Fee schedule extracted from 1997 UBC and MN Rule 1301
    Plan review fee65%of building permit fee
Commercial Construction

    Commercial building/construction
Fee schedule extracted from 1997 UBC and MN Rule 1301
    Plan review fee65%of building permit fee
Fixed Fees

    Temporary mobile home$400
    Fire repair$400
    Mechanical (new or replacement)$70
    Fireplace (new or replacement)$70
    New plumbing in existing building$70
    Basement finish on existing house$100
    Building Remodel$100
    Window/Door replacement$70
    Foundation Repair$70
State Surcharge

    Fixed fees$1
    All other residential/commercial construction
Per state building code Sect. 326B.149
Agricultural Buildings

    Grain bins$25
    All other agricultural buildings$100
Land Alteration

    Over 500 cubic yards (Hearing required)$500
    50 to 500 cubic yards (Shoreland - Hearing required)$500
    10 to 50 cubic yards in Shoreland$300
Accessory Structures

    Building Permit
Fee schedule extracted from 1997 UBC and MN Rule 1301
    Plan review fee65%of building permit fee
Fixed Fees

    Retaining wall over 4 ft. in height$50
    Fences over 7 ft. in height$50
    Pools over 5,000 gal. capacity$100
    Non-commercial sign$50
    Non-Commercial Solar/Cell Towers/Windmills$100
  • Building values shall be based on current building valuation data from the Department of Labor and Industry.
  • All fees may incur an additional charge when construction has begun before a permit has been issued, but limited to double the standard fee.
Septic SystemsCostDescription 
    Holding tanks$200                                  
    Standard system$400
    Performance system$600
    System repair$300
  • Other than holding tanks, septic system fees shall be reduced by $200 if a variance hearing was required solely for the installation of the septic and a variance was granted.
Public HearingsCostDescription
Planning Commission

    Mineral extraction/mining$750
    Rezoning/Text Amendment$500
    Unplatted subdivision$500
    Simple plats$500up to 3 lots and do no include a road
    PUD and Standard Plats$750
    1 per 40 Cluster$400
    Homestead Business$400
    Home Occupation$300
    Non-Commercial Contractor's Yard                     $400
    Farm Accessory Mobile$350
    Solar Farm $750
    All Other Planning Commission Hearings$400
    Other/Miscellaneous hearing$400
    Move-in Structure$400
    Existing CUP/IUP/Amendment/Renewal$300
    Final plat approval$400plus $75 per lot
Board of Adjustment

    Lot Line Adjustment$300
    Temporary Mobile Home$250
  • Hearing fees before either Board will be doubled when application is made after action requiring a hearing has already begun.
  • A continuation fee of $50 may be required when the complex nature of any matter or lack of adequate preparation by an applicant requires a continuation. 
  • When an application includes both Rezoning and a Conditional Use Permit for Subdivision Approval, the total fee will be reduced by $50.
Other Fees and ServicesCostDescription 
911 Addressing

    New structure
No charge with building permit                    
    Other addressing$25.00
Other Fees/Services

    Deed restriction/administrative order$100.00
    Miscellaneous site inspection$50.00
    Miscellaneous permit$100.00
    Miscellaneous services/research$50.00per hour (1 hour minimum)
    Land use/zoning review$50.00per hour (1 hour minimum)
    Land use permit$50.00
    Water test$25.00
    Land use plan or zoning ordinance$30.00each
    Septic Loan Application Fee$30.00
Per State, County, and Administration Policies
    EAW/EIS review$500.00plus $50 per hour over 10 hours
    Point of sale document reviewN/C
Solid Waste Hauler License Fees$250.00per business

$25.00per truck (in addition to Business Hauler License Fee)