Fee Schedule

Compost and Recycling Facility

Fee Schedule

Planning & Zoning Fee Schedule

Building Permits
Fee Amount

Residential Construction

    Dwellings, additions, decks, storage structures, etc. Fee schedule extracted from 1997 UBC and MN Rule 1300
    Plan review fee 65% of building permit fee

Commercial Construction

    Commercial building/construction Fee schedule extracted from 1997 UBC and MN Rule 1300
    Plan review fee 65% of building permit fee

Fixed Fees

    Mechanical (new or replacement) $70
    Fireplace (new or replacement) $70
    New plumbing in existing building $70
    Foundation Repair
    Pools over 5,000 gal. capacity $100
    Fences over 7 ft. in height $50
    Retaining wall over 4 ft. in height $50
    Non-commercial sign $50
    Re-roof $70
    Re-siding $70
    Window replacement $70
    Dwelling remodel $100
    Basement finish on existing house $100
    Non-Commercial Solar/Cell Towers/Windmills
    Fire repair $400
    Temporary mobile home $400

State Surcharge

    Fixed fees $1
    All other residential/commercial construction Per state building code Sect. 326B.148

Agricultural Buildings

    Grain bins $25
    All other agricultural buildings $100

Land Alteration

    Over 500 cubic yards (Hearing required)
    50 to 500 cubic yards (Shoreland - Hearing required) $500
    10 to 50 cubic yards in Shoreland $300
  • Building values shall be based on current building valuation data from the Department of Labor and Industry.
  • All fees may incur an additional charge when construction has begun before a permit has been issued, but limited to double the standard fee.
Septic Systems
Fee Amount
    Holding tanks $200                                  
    Standard system $400
    Performance system $600
    System repair $300
  • Other than holding tanks, septic system fees shall be reduced by $200 if a variance hearing was required solely for the installation of the septic and a variance was granted.
Public Hearings
Fee Amount

Planning Commission

    Home occupation $250                                        
    Farm accessory Mobile $350
    Existing CUP amendment/renewal $250
    Unplatted subdivision $500
    Simple plats (up to 3 lots and do no include a road) $500
    Standard plat & PUDs $750
    1 per 40 cluster $350 first 5 lots + $50 per lot over 5 lots
    Final plat approval $400 + $75 per lot
    All other conditional use permits $350
    Homestead Business $350
    Non-commercial contractor's yard                      $350
    Move-in structure $350 ($100 deducted from subsequent building permit)
    Other/miscellaneous hearing $350
    Rezoning/Text Amendment $500
    Mineral extraction/mining $750
    Solar farm CUP $750

Board of Adjustment

    Lot line adjustment $200
    Temporary mobile home $200
    Variance $400
    Appeal/interpretation $400
  • Hearing fees before either Board will be doubled when application is made after action requiring a hearing has already begun.
  • A continuation fee of $50 may be required when the complex nature of any matter or lack of adequate preparation by an applicant requires a continuation. 
  • When an application includes both Rezoning and a Conditional Use Permit for Subdivision Approval, the total fee will be reduced by $50.
Other Fees and Services
Fee Amount

911 Addressing

    New structure No charge with building permit                    
    Other addressing $25

Other Fees/Services

    Water test $25
    Land use plan or zoning ordinance $30 each
    Deed restriction/administrative order $50
    Miscellaneous site inspection $50
    Land use permit $50
    Miscellaneous permit $100
    Land use/zoning review $50 per hour (1 hour minimum)
    Miscellaneous services/research $50 per hour (1 hour minimum)
    EAW/EIS review $500 + $50 per hour over 10 hours
    Point of sale document review No charge