Assessor Fee Schedule - 2023

Archival Search$75.00 minimum up to 1 hr.          

$40.00per hr. thereafter
Parcel Data
data is available at no charge to government entities
Standard Dataset$.03per parcel


$75.00additional to run extract
Non-Standard Dataset$.06 per parcel


$75.00additional to run extract
Tax Increment Financing Districts$200.00minimum up to 2 hrs. 

$75.00per hr. thereafter
Local Assessor Fees

Local Assessor Setup Fee$200.00per district

security set up- one time/new user
Local Assessor VDI Fee$200.00one time/new user
Local Assessor CAMA Setup Fee$200.00
Local Assessor CAMA Training Fee$75.00per hour
Valuation Estimates$75.00per hour

1 hr. minimum
County Assessor Certificate$10.00
Site Inspection Review Fee$75.00per hour

non-contract jurisdictions
Miscellaneous Services/Research$75.00per hour (1 hr. minimum)
Special Project Assistance$75.00per hour

non-contract jurisdictions