Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

June 2018 Employee of the Month - Vicki Thompson

Vicki started in WCHHS as a receptionist almost 10 years ago. She was always kind and helpful to everyone that walked in the front door. A few years later, Vicki moved to the OTII position that she holds now. Vicki has been instrumental in the work that she does for the Family Intervention Services (FIS) team and often prefers little to no recognition. Vicki's continuous training and knowledge is beneficial in every aspect of the units she supports. Vicki helps her coworkers daily while putting her own responsibilities to the side without complaint. Vicki accommodated others. She can maintain her own responsibilities while troubleshooting her coworker’s crisis with a smile on her face. If a coworker asks a question and no one has the answer, 99.9% of the time they are referred to Vicki. Vicki is the go to person for seemingly the entire Agency. Vicki ensures payment requests are being submitted correctly, finds missing forms, communicates with staff and supervisors to make sure things are being approved and completed timely, resolves computer issues, empathetically responds to difficult client calls, provides friendly reminders of time entry dates, troubleshoots SSIS/ONBASE errors and the list goes on. It is difficult to imagine what things would be like without Vicki. We hear that everyone is replaceable but, when it comes to Vicki we beg to disagree. Vicki, thank you and congratulations on being our June 2018 Employee of the Month.