Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

April 2019 Employee of the Month - Kris Carlson

Kris Carlson
Kris is our April Employee of the month. Kris works with relatives that are becoming licensed for child foster care, as well as completing the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children from out of state. She is meeting with clients who have agreed to take in children often on a moment’s notice. Kris is always considerate of their busy schedules and works cooperatively with them to get them licensed in a timely manner. Kris helps her clients through the complicated system of working with social workers, court, guardians, financial workers, among others. Her number one priority is to make sure the children in placement are safe and have the services they need. She does this by making the licensing process as easy as possible for the families she serves Kris' families benefit from her support and assistance by having her as a support system. Kris is often on the phone with one of her foster families supporting them through the day to day struggles of being a foster parent. Kris has educated herself in how trauma affects children and uses that knowledge to train foster parents as well as being a sounding board for them in difficult times. Kris' support of her clients makes their jobs easier when they know they have someone to call for help. Thank you, Kris, you are a great asset to HHS. Congratulations on being our April 2019 employee of the month.