Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

June 2019 Employee of the Month - Blake Schaaf

Blake is our WCHHS June Employee of the Month. She has served as a Social Worker in the Developmental Disabilities unit since March 2015, providing case management services to children and transition age youth. Blake also co-chairs our region’s Interagency Early Intervention Council. Blake receives many positive responses in our customer service surveys including; “Blake Schaaf is a remarkable Social Worker. She goes above and beyond and does it with such a GREAT attitude. She is so helpful and understanding. Caring and dealing with an adult child that is mentally disabled has been difficult at times. Blake has helped to make the process less difficult and is such a blessing to both of us. She has helped my daughter through many difficult situations and helped me in dealing with those same situations. Blake is amazing and I'm not sure what I would do without all the help and support that she provides Blake has helped my daughter obtain the services needed to live independently in the Buffalo Community. She is great at working with the many individuals and staff my daughter needs to insure a productive and independent life. She is always available to both me and my daughter. Someone who is always there to help relieve the stress that comes from dealing with a disability. And she does it all without making us feel like we are a burden to her. I personally think she is wonderful, and I know my daughter agrees.” Thank you, Blake, for your dedicated professionalism in working with our citizens to achieve positive life outcomes. Congratulations on being our June Employee of the Month!