Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

August 2021 Employee of the Month - Erin Kodesh

Erin Kodesh
Our August Employee of the Month is Erin Kodesh. Erin is an Adult Mental Health Case Manager since August 2015. In addition to case management, Erin completes commitment screenings, chemical health eligibility and assessments, is on the SAG committee and is the potluck organizer for the team. Her nominator states in part: “The Mental & Chemical Health unit is so lucky to have Erin on our team! Erin never forgets a coworker’s birthday or special event; she even recently made ham and potatoes for me when I had a family emergency! Erin has been in the office most days throughout the pandemic, and is always willing to help. Covering backup during a pandemic when most people are working safely and remotely is a big deal, and Erin is always eager to help. Erin also volunteered to help with CD tasks, and is very active in helping in that area despite her own case load. Erin is an incredible social worker. Erin truly cares about the people she supports, she knows her clients, she listens to them; and she does a fantastic job of connecting them with the resources they need. Erin shows up, she is professional and responsive. This pandemic has been a roller coaster for everyone, and I can't imagine being on this ride with any other team, especially a team without Erin. Erin deserves a big shout out. Thank you, Erin, for always having your team and your client’s back, we appreciate you!” Thank you, Erin, and congratulations on being our HHS August Employee of the Month!​