Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

August 2018 Employee of the Month - Kimberly Kieser

Kimberly Kieser
Kim started with Wright County on 6/08/2015 as a Family Financial Worker. In addition to her daily tasks of processing MFIP, DWP, SNAP, Healthcare, Child Care and Emergency Assistance, Kim has taken on the role of MAXIS mentor. Kim is a highly motivated individual who is always willing to work as a team to improve our processes. Recently, Kim worked with a small group to come up with a way to improve our walk-in procedures. The new process has proven to be a success due to the hard work by Kim and other. Recently, Kim joined is the Continuous Improvement Committee. Kim always goes above and beyond to help her team and the rest of the Agency. Kim has been instrumental in figuring out a new screening process. The front desk Financial Worker position rotates each day, with a Financial Worker taking a turn at the front desk only once or twice monthly, Kim has made it her mission to demystify the front desk screening process and has been the go-to person to help train staff to do this task. This has helped our clients see a Financial Worker right away and to get a determination of eligibility faster for the family seeking assistance. Kim, along with being a valuable screening resource also welcomes questions, provides constructive feedback, and ensures that individuals new to screening clients are comfortable and confident in their abilities. Kim’s strength is keeping up with all the financial assistance programs which in turn prevents clients from being bounced around from one person to another. Thank you, Kim, for putting in the time and effort to make our Agency a better trained, efficient workplace.