Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

February 2019 Employee of the Month - Rachel Klemz

Rachel Klemz
Rachel started with Wright County in April of 2018 as a HealthCare Team member, learning the rules, regulations and system very quickly. She is a great team player who is quick to help whenever needed. She regularly answers calls presented to her at or near the 100% mark. Rachel often answers the highest number of METS calls per month. Rachel's nominator, a Financial Assistance client had called Wright County to report an income change and first was told that she needed to call MinnesotaCare because the case had closed with the County. She then called MNCare but stated that MNCare declined to help her with what was needed and told her to call the County back as they said it was the County's responsibility to make the changes. The client explained to Rachel what was going on with MNCare and that they wouldn't help. Rachel explained that the case was transferred to them, but she would help get it taken care of. Rachel was able to update the case while on the phone with the client. "I was very upset about getting the run-around and, even though she really didn't have to put the information in for me she took care of it." The nominator stated she was very thankful that Rachel took the time to do what was necessary to help her., The client said she understands that the Financial Worker job can be challenging, unrewarding and stressful. She stated that people rarely give positive feedback about good customer service and felt Rachel should be recognized for her great customer service. Congratulations, Rachel, on being our February 2019 Employee of the Month!