Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

October 2021 Employee of the Month - Belynda Pageau

Belynda Pageau
Our October Employee of the Month is Belynda Pageau, an Information Systems Specialist in FTS since April of 2017. Belynda is focused on solving issues for staff and creating efficiencies. Belynda’s organization skills have been key in implementing the current Technical Provisioning Process to bring new staff on board quickly, efficiently, and ensure that the first day is frustration free from a technology perspective. She also supports SSIS, and other state systems users, and has developed key relationships at the DHS Help Desk which assists in getting issues resolved more quickly. Here are just a few examples of many emails her supervisor has received from staff and visitors: “Bel is so kind, so helpful, and so on top of her game, and so knowledgeable! It makes my job so much easier as a teleworker. She never complains, and is always willing to help even if it is a remote issue at 4:29 PM” “I wanted to let you know how helpful and great Bel was yesterday with me when I was getting my new phone up and running. I wanted to email you personally. She was polite, patient, and knowledgeable and helped me immensely. “ “I just wanted to let you know what a star employee you have in Bel. … I just wanted to let you know how determined Bel is to find a solution to issues.” “While setting up in the training room this morning, Bel, cheerfully, went over and above and helped me with connecting my new laptop to Wi-Fi. I so appreciated her help! I just want you to know how helpful Bel is, and how much I appreciate all that she does.” Belynda’s contributions to and impact on the day-to-day technical operations of our agency, make her a true asset. Thank you Belynda, and congratulations on being our HHS October Employee of the Month!​​​