Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

April 2021 Employee of the Month - Shelley Stotko

Shelley Stotko
Our April Employee of the Month is Shelley Stotko. Shelley has been with Wright County​ since 1996. Shelley is a Collection Officer on the Fiscal Team. Shelley’s nominator states: “As a CO Shelley is dealing with Estate Recoveries which can be very stressful for the loved ones of a deceased client. Listening to Shelley do her job is comforting as I know the clients are getting someone who goes above and beyond in helping them handle the myriad amounts of paperwork that comes with MA Estate claims. Shelley ensures clients are treated with dignity and respect after the loss of a loved one. I have heard her comfort crying family members and helped them understand the estate recovery process in a kind and respectful way. Shelley is wonderful co-worker who is willing to help anyone. Shelley will answer questions and will show you how to do many tasks.” Thank you, Shelley, and congratulations on being our HHS April Employee of the Month! ​