Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

August 2023 Employee of the Month - Laurie Davis

Laurie Davis sitting at her desk smiling

Our September Employee of the Month is Laurie Davis. Laurie is a Case Aide in the Social Services Assessment Services Team.  She joined Wright County in December 2008 and joined the Assessment Team in November 2013.

Her nominator, a MnCHOICES Reassessment worker, shared a feedback from a client, “Thanks so much for putting me in contact with Ms. Davis. I had several questions that I felt were urgent and was getting anxious about with respect to my mother’s EW Waiver. Ms. Davis addressed all of my concerns giving me timelines and expectations. She made me much more comfortable with where my mother’s application was and assured me that she would check on the application and follow it through. I can rest easy knowing things are being handled and nothing will fall through the cracks.”

Her Team member added: “Laurie followed up with the client, responding timely, explaining of processes in a way the client could understand, was caring and kind to the client and family. Client has recently moved to a different county, where she is now able to get the services she needs due to Laurie's patience and professionalism in answering the family and client's questions.”  Laurie’s supervisor states “Laurie consistently exceeds expectations in her work output, creativity, problem solving, commitment to service, and investment in her job. She tackles her work assignments with grace and quickly becomes proficient in all that she touches. Laurie brings new ideas with the goal of improving efficiencies and services to constituents.” 

Thank you, Laurie, and congratulations on being our September 2023 HHS Employee of the Month!