Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

December 2019 Employee of the Month - Devonne Kent

Devonne Kent
Our December Employee of the month is Devonne Kent. Devonne is a Long-Term Care Financial Worker in Financial Services Division. Devonne returned to the county in March of 2019 after she relocated back to Minnesota from Florida. Prior to her move to Florida , Devonne worked as a trainer at DHS, this experience allowed Devonne to increase her LTC knowledge and bring that knowledge back to the county. Devonne is a mentor and trainer for the LTC unit, she is the HSC liaison, which means she offices out of the HSC, and has recently become part of a pilot program to improve internal customer service between LTC and MnCHOICES staff and clients. Our nominator states, “Because of Devonne's willingness to help and look into different insurance cases, I am able provide clients with answers on how to resolve their insurance case conflicts. Without Devonne's willingness to help, we would not be able to provide excellent customer service. Devonne's knowledge and expertise make her a great asset to Wright County. Devonne has been able to direct me in explaining what clients have to do to resolve their insurance problems and her assistance has helped numerous clients access insurance when they were having troubles with the application or system difficulties. Devonne always welcomes colleagues with a smile when they approach her with questions. She has a warm and welcoming demeanor that along with her smile, make her very approachable. She is always eager to assist her coworkers in answering complicated questions about the Financial Services world.” Congratulations, Devonne, on being our HHS December Employee of the Month!