Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

March 2023 Employee of the Month - Michelle Richer

Michelle Richer sitting at her desk smiling

Our March Employee of the Month is Michelle Richer. Michelle is a, Adult Mental Health Social Worker in Mental & Chemical Health Services Team and has been with Wright County for nearly 20 years. Michelle started as an Intake Worker until 2017 when she joined the Mental Health Team. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge from her time in General Intake. 

Her nominator, Margaret Munson from Court Services, states, “Michelle and I were servicing the same client. The client had demonstrated some extreme behavior towards her family with the result that there was a criminal case pending a Rule 20. The person was in the community and subject to conditions of release, including GPS. Michelle was well-prepared for the court case and it was approved for commitment. Michelle and I worked to locate the person, Michelle then drove to a parking lot where the individual was living, and Law Enforcement was able to get this person into custody. Michelle went above and beyond to follow this individual, communicated well with me, and showed care and commitment to this individual. 

The individual is now in a facility and getting the care that she needs." 

Thank you, Michelle, and congratulations on being our HHS March Employee of the Month!