Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

March 2020 Employee of the Month - Jill Nettestad

Jill Nettestad
Our March Employee of the Month is Jill Nettestad. Jill started with the county in April 2017 as an Adult Mental Health Social Worker with a passion for mental health and criminal justice. When hired, Jill aspired to work with the jail population. Then, starting in 2018, Jill began working with jail staff toward collaborative programming and successful transitions for Wright County inmates. Jill recently attended an Opioid Action Team meeting with area healthcare providers where she did an excellent job describing her role assisting jail inmates. Jill proactively links inmates to community resources. She has been extremely helpful in communicating with decision makers on how to integrate HHS programs into jail processes to better acclimate inmates as they leave custody. Jill, with the help of a grant and along with key staff from other departments, developed a jail release program. Once the grant ended, HHS and the Sheriff’s office decided to keep Jill working with inmates four hours each week as this program was achieving great results. Since its inception, Jill has helped 181 inmates with only five individuals returning to custody. Thank you, Jill and congratulations on being our HHS March Employee of the Month!