Health & Human Services Employee of the Month

October 2018 Employee of the Month - Kirsten Schieber

Kirsten Schieber
Kirsten has worked for WCHHS for two and half years and is the Office Technician II for the DD and Adult Services' units. Kirsten supports 29 staff in her two units. A coworker nominated Kirsten for Employee of the Month stating, “she is one of those people who you feel you can always go to for help and that she will do whatever she can to help you, and she always does this with a big smile! If she doesn't know the answer to a question or how to solve a problem, she will not stop until she figures it out. If someone mentions a problem they are encountering Kirsten will always jump in and offer to help.” Kirsten is a reliable, approachable, helpful, kind, and genuine person who we are so incredibly lucky to have in our Agency. Kirsten has exemplified what customer service is all about making her our October Employee of the Month. Congratulations and thank you Kirsten.