Offers a variety of vocational rehabilitation services and a day training and habilitation program.

Central MN Jobs and Training Services 
Since their beginning in 1984 as Private Industry Council 5, Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services Inc. (CMJTS) has been passionate about providing quality training and job placement services to their customers in central Minnesota. Throughout their 11 county region, job seekers-adults, youth, entry-level, career-changers, low-income, and dislocated workers-receive professional career guidance based on their individual circumstances, economic self-sufficiency needs, and local labor market demands.

Functional Industries 
Community rehabilitation service provider that provides job placement, career planning, and other employment services as well as a day treatment and rehabilitation program.

Opportunity Partners 
Opportunity Partners supports choices for people with disabilities through innovative services and strategic collaborations, assisting those we serve to live, learn and work - adding value to their lives and communities.

Options Inc.   763-263-3684
Provides job placement, training and support for individual job placements through a licensed Supported Employment Service, a day training and rehabilitation program and a limited work placement and support service.

Project C3 
Resources in MN for transition age kids which has a search engine where you can select housing, employment, financial aid, recreation, family services and then select the area you are living in and it will pull up these resources.