Autism Allies 612-384-4265
Provides resources and conducts education and informational activities to increase public awareness of autism.

Autism Shopper
This company was founded by a mother from Minnesota who has a child with autism. The products are high quality and modified to meet individual needs. The company offers mainly visual/ PECS communication products and social stories, but has other products available as well.  

Autism Society of America   800-328-8476

Autism Society of MN 651-647-1083
Serving the needs of Minnesotans with autism and their families through advocacy, education, and public awareness.  

Autism Speaks 888-288-4762
Committed to raising public awareness about Autism.  

Autism Speaks Tool Kits

Behavioral Dimensions 952-814-0207
Provides Intensive Behavioral Intervention services for children with autism, as well as Behavioral Consultation for individuals with developmental disabilities.  

Do 2 Learn 919-755-1809
Games, songs, communication cards, print resources, print free PECS, and information for special needs.  

Fraser Community Services 612-861-1688
Fraser is a nationally renowned nonprofit organization which services children of all abilities and adults with special needs through comprehensive education, health care, and housing services.  

Minnesota Autism Center 952-767-4200
The center offers a full range of services to families facing Autism.  

Minnesota Early Autism Project (MEAP) 763-425-0792 
MEAP provides in-home intensive early behavior therapy (IEBT) services for children 0-6 years old.

On Track MN 612-413-8780
On Track offers outpatient EIDBI/EIBI services with emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) up to age ten.