Section 4: Regulations for Protection of Natural Resources and Wildlife

fall 1
A. It shall be unlawful for any person to: 
  1. Injure, destroy, or remove any tree, flower, shrub, plant, rock, soil or mineral in a park
  2. Kill, trap, hunt, pursue, or in any manner disturb or cause to be disturbed, any species of wildlife within a park, except that fishing may be permitted in designated areas.
  3. Remove any wildlife, living or dead, from a park, and any wildlife so removed or taken contrary to the provisions of this Ordinance or any laws of the State of Minnesota shall be considered contraband and subject to seizure and confiscation.
  4. Release within a park any plant, chemical, or other agent intentionally harmful to the vegetation or wildlife of the park.

B. Wright County sponsored hunting events for veterans of the United States Armed Forces are exempt from the provisions of section 4(A)(2) and 4(A)(3).