Sales: Foreclosure, Lien

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office does not provide a list of sales. Foreclosur

Mortgage Foreclosure sales are advertised in legal newspapers. To qualify as a legal newspaper, the publication must have a paid subscription of over 500 subscribers. Sales are listed in the legal notices. Foreclosure Sales are not Posted.

If the Sheriff’s Office is conducting a sale pursuant to Judgment & Decree or as part of an Execution action, the sale notice will be posted in three public display cases located:

  • In the City or Township where the property is located.
  • Wright County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Wright County Government Center – Main Level Display Cases.

Mechanic’s Lien sales, which the Sheriff’s Office may conduct as an auctioneer, generally are published in the same mentioned papers. Notices of these sales are also displayed in the three public display cases mentioned.