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Child Foster Care Placement Information

  • The placing social worker will be giving the foster parent this form at the time of placement with as much information as known at that time. As more information is learned, the form should be updated. 

Clarification of Roles

  • Clarifies the roles of the licensor and case manager as well as how they work cooperatively.

Contact Tree 

  • Quick tips to help you obtain the information you need if you are attempting to reach a child's social worker.    

Evaluation of Agency by Foster Home

  • To be used every three months, at relicensing, and as needed by the foster parent.

Social Services Expectations for Child Foster Care Placement Communication

  • In order to ensure positive experiences for children in foster care, these expectations will be followed regarding placement support for foster families.

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As licensed foster care providers, you are able to request reimbursement for mileage to medical appointments through a foster child's medical assistance. Visit the Health Care Access / MA Transportation page for more information.