Car Seat Safety

Car seat engineers work hard every day to ensure their seats keep children as safe as possible, but it is ultimately every parents responsibility to ensure their child's car seat is used and installed correctly each time.
Although car seat and vehicle manuals do a great job guiding parents through the installation process, questions or concerns may still arise. Wright County Public Health has certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians to help parents address issues. 

Training includes car seat registration, how to check recall status, an explanation of laws and regulations, and training on proper seat use and installation.

Schedule an Appointment

Appointments can be made at Wright County Health & Human Services Center (1004 Commercial Drive, Buffalo MN 55313) or on the WOW Van (Wellness on Wheels)

Call 763-682-7516 to schedule an appointment. A $10 donation to our Child Passenger Safety program is suggested.


"When correctly used, child safety seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71%"


C.A.R.S.  Children and Restraints Systems Training


Child Care and Foster Care Providers

For a complete list of available trainings in your area please visit the Minnesota Center for Professional Development site.