Criminal Investigations Division

WCSO Criminal Investigations Command Staff

Pictured above from left to right are Criminal Investigations Division Captain Eric Kunkel and Criminal Investigations Division Lieutenant Michael Lindquist

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of the Detective Unit, Special Investigations Unit, Computer Forensics Unit, Major Crimes Investigation Unit, Property Evidence Unit, School Resource Officer Unit and Crime Victim Advocate.  The Division is managed by a Captain and Lieutenant.  

Units within the Criminal Investigations Division are as follows:

  • Detective Unit has 10 Detectives and 2 Sergeants assigned.  They are tasked with investigating a wide variety of crimes and cooperation with internal and external investigation partners at the local state and federal level. 
  • The Special Investigations Unit has 4 Investigators assigned as well as 1 Sergeant and are tasked with primarily investigating narcotics crimes and enforcement actions in which plain clothed Deputies would be more effective.
  • Computer Forensics has two Investigators assigned who report to the Detective Sergeants and are tasked with forensic examinations of a wide variety of technology devices for evidence of criminal activity.  
  • The Major Crimes Investigation Unit has 1 full-time Deputy and 5 on-call Deputies from other Divisions assigned and report to the Detective Sergeants.  They are tasked with collection of evidence in the areas of fingerprints, DNA accident reconstruction and other areas.  
  • The Property Evidence Unit has 2 Evidence Technicians assigned who report to the Detective Sergeants and handle all items collected by the Sheriff’s Office from date of collection, through court proceedings until final release or disposal.  
  • The School Resource Officer Unit has 12 Deputies assigned and 1 Sergeant and are tasked with maintaining the security of Wright County Schools, investigating incidents on school properties and maintaining a positive community relationship.  
  • The Crime Victim Advocate reports directly to the Criminal Investigations Division Lieutenant and provides a volume of resources and services to victims of crimes occurring within Wright County.  

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