Neighborhood Watch Program

Anyone of us can be a victim of crime. However, there are many things that you can do to reduce your chances of being a victim and prevent crime before it happens.

Neighborhood Watch is a community-based program that has been proven to reduce crime. The program was first sponsored in 1972 by the National Sheriff's Association. Neighborhood Watch unites law enforcement agencies, local organizations and individual citizens in a community-wide effort to reduce crime. It is a remarkably successful anti-crime effort, as participants work together as a true community...neighbor looking out for neighbor.

How It Works
  • All community residents can take part
  • Members learn how to make themselves and their homes more secure, watch out for each other and the neighborhood, and report suspicious activity to the Sheriff's office
  • Watch groups are not vigilantes. They are extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and helping neighbors
Getting Started
If you don't start a Neighborhood Watch Group, perhaps no one will.
  1. Start by forming a small planning committee and decide on some tentative dates and times for an initial meeting.
  2. Contact Sgt.Brian Johnson at 763-684-2366 to finalize your meeting date and arrange for a deputy to attend.
  3. Contact as many of your neighbors as possible and notify them of the initial meeting. To be effective at least 50% of the neighbors in your area should actively participate in the program.
  4. At your first meeting a deputy will be present to give a training session to the group, answer any questions and address specific neighborhood concerns.
  5. At the first meeting you should select a Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and Block Captains who are responsible for organizing meetings and relaying information to members.
  6. Establish a "phone tree" to quickly disseminate information to your group.
  7. Meet at least twice a year to maintain interest and address new problems and concerns.
A strong, healthy, and united community is a formidable deterrent to crime. But it can only work if you get involved. Together, we can reduce the crime problem in your neighborhood and keep our county a safe place to live and raise our families.