Contract Law Enforcement

Wright County began offering contract law enforcement services in 1970 in the city of Cokato. The cities of Waverly, Delano and Monticello followed shortly thereafter. Presently the Wright County Sheriff's Office provides contract law enforcement services to 13 of the 16 cities in Wright County. Only the Wright County cities of Annandale, Buffalo and Howard Lake have their own police departments.

The contract cities pay an hourly fee ($69.50 for 2017) as set by the County Board for the number of hours of coverage they want. The coverage ranges from 4 hours per week in the city of South Haven to more than 24 hours a day in the City of Monticello. The cost of the contract includes the salary and benefits for the assigned deputy, the fully equipped squad car and all related law enforcement equipment and supplies, prosecution costs, investigative services, and secretarial services.

City Contract Hours (2015) Population
(2014 Estimated)
Albertville 8,760 7,262
Clearwater 2,920 1,775
Cokato 4,380 2,742
Delano 5,840 5,757
Hanover* 1,460 2,548
Maple Lake 2,920 2,109
Monticello 17,520
Montrose 2,920 3,073
Otsego 14,600 14,968
Rockford* 4,380 3,952
St. Michael 11,680 16,983
South Haven 208 190
Waverly 1,460 1,390

*Wright County portion of the city only.