Surveyor Fee Schedule


  • We accept cash, checks, or credit/debit/e-check for the amount of the purchase. Make checks payable to:
    Wright County Surveyor
    3500 Braddock Ave NE
    Buffalo, MN 55313 

Plat Checking   Fee Calculator

  • Subdivision and CIC Plat, or Registered Land Survey (RLS): $300 per plat + $40 per lot/outlot/unit/tract
  • Plat Recheck Fee: $75

Beacon - Interactive GIS Map Subscription

Plat Checking - Subdivision and CIC Plat, or Registered Land Survey (RLS)$300.00 per plat
+ $40.00 per lot
Plat Recheck Fee$75.00
Half Section Map - Tabloid (11"x17")$5.00
Half Section Map - D size (22"x34")$20.00
Custom Map - Letter (8.5"x11") or Legal (8.5"x14") or Tabloid (11"x17")$5.00
Custom Map - D size (22"x34") or 36"x36"$20.00
Letter or Legal size copies (per County Policy)$0.25 per page
Recorded Plats and Registered Land Surveys (RLS)$10.00 per copy
Certified Copy of Official Plat or RLS$15.00 per certified copy
PDF of any Map$5.00
Plat Book$30.00 per book
Digital Aerial Photography (Previous Flights Free)$40.00 per section
$2,000.00 county
Beacon - Interactive GIS Map Subscription$300.00 per year
$25.00 per month
$10.00 per day (24 hour)
Postage and Handling for Prints$5.00
Postage and Handling for Plat Book$7.00 each
Mass Storage for Digital DataAt Cost
Setup Fee - Custom jobs will be performed only as time permits and at the discretion of the department $50.00 per hour
+ print / PDF fee

Must prepay for map products ordered. Please contact the Surveyor Department for additional assistance at 763-682-7691