Surveyor Fee Schedule


  • We accept cash, checks, or credit/debit/e-check for the amount of the purchase. Make checks payable to:
    Wright County Surveyor
    3500 Braddock Ave NE
    Buffalo, MN 55313 


  • Plat Checking
  • Fee Calculator
  • Subdivision and CIC Plat, or Registered Land Survey (RLS): $350 per plat + $50 per lot/outlot/unit/tract
  • Plat Recheck Fee: $75


Plat Checking - Subdivision and CIC Plat, or Registered Land Survey (RLS)$350.00per plat
$50.00plus per lot
Plat Recheck Fee$75.00
Half Section Map - Tabloid (11"x17")$5.00
Half Section Map - D size (22"x34")$20.00
Custom Map - Letter (8.5"x11") or Legal (8.5"x14") or Tabloid (11"x17")$5.00
Custom Map - D size (22"x34") or 36"x36"$20.00
Letter or Legal size copies (per County Policy)$0.25per page
Recorded Plats and Registered Land Surveys (RLS)$10.00per copy
Certified Copy of Official Plat or RLS$15.00per certified copy
Plat Book$30.00per book
Digital Aerial Photography (Previous Flights Free)$40.00section
Postage and Handling for Plat Book$7.00each
PDF of any Map$5.00
Postage and Handling for Prints$5.00each
Mass Storage for Digital Datacostactual cost
Setup Fee$50.00per hour plus print / PDF fee

custom jobs will be performed only as time permits and at the discretion of the department

Must prepay for map products ordered. Please contact the Surveyor Department for additional assistance at