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 Online Permits

Access, Moving, Right of Way and Special Events

Wright County's Online Permitting application allows the applicant to submit an online permit application through this site. Please click on the appropriated link on the left side of the screen and select the permit you wish to apply for.

Permits, Forms & Regulations (PAPER COPIES)

Permits, Forms & Regulations (Online Forms)

Permit Fees

Moving Permit, One Time Payment
Moving Permit, Annual
Driveway Permit, Residential
Driveway Permit, Commercial
Mailbox Support, Support Only
Mailbox Support, Support With Box
Plan / Prelim Plat Review
Right-of-Way Standard Plats Fee Schedule

Registration Process

Permits will be processed once payment is received. Pre-paid accounts can be set up with the Highway Department. For more information contact the Highway Department at 763-682-7383. Mail completed permit applications to:
Wright County Highway Department
3600 Braddock Ave NE
Buffalo, MN 55313