Highway Department

Your Safety is Our Job

The Wright County Highway Department is responsibility for all activities involving Wright County’s 512-mile County Highway system.  It is the goal of the department to provide and maintain a transportation system that:

  • Implements transportation improvements that address safety and operation needs, while meeting engineering design standards and supporting the East Central Minnesota Towards Zero Deaths (TZD) program.
  • Encourages safety for all users by reducing the number of fatalities and the severity of crashes throughout the County under the guidance of the County’s Road Safety Plan.
  • Promote a culture where traffic fatalities and serious injuries are prevented through education, engineering, enforcement and emergency medical/trauma services.

Wright County has implemented many projects that have utilized approximately $3.1 million in federal safety grant funds and continues to successfully apply for Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding.

The projects/strategies include:

  • Rural Street Lighting – over 110 intersections with street lighting
  • Rural Intersection Conflict Warning Systems(RICWS) – 3 intersections
  • Mainline Dynamic Warning Systems – 4 intersections
  • Converting high speed rural all-way stops to roundabouts
  • Constructing dedicated left and right turn lanes
  • Centerline and edge lines
  • 6” Painted white edge lines
  • Driver feedback speed signs
  • Chevron curve signing (over 680 sign assemblies on 98 curves)

These safety improvements continue to be our standard on all highway improvement projects!

Wright County is currently updating the safety plan and will expand the list of strategies to include larger scale counter measures that incorporate safety improvements such as restriping to include continuous center left turn (buffer) lane between opposing traffic, additional dedicated turn lanes at high volume, rural intersections and shoulder widening.

Follow our 5-year Highway Construction plan by visiting: Wright County 5 Year Plan 2022-2026

  1. 2022 Maintenance Overlay Program

    The 2022 Maintenance Overlay Program involves the following routes in Wright County: County Road 113 from County Highway 12 to County Road 117; County Road 104 from State Highway 24 to County Highway 7 Read on...
  2. 2022 Seal Coat Construction

    Wright County’s Seasonal Seal Coating is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 on approximately 26 miles of Wright County Highways. Read on...
  3. County Highway 37 Construction

    County Highway (Hwy) 37, from Hwy 19 to Hwy 18, will be reconstructed beginning May 16th and is scheduled to be completed by October 15th, 2022. Read on...
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