Risk Management

The Risk Management Division works closely with all county departments to provide Wright County employees with a work environment that is as free as practicable from recognized hazards. The goal is to ensure the health and safety of County staff, while minimizing the County’s exposure to financial, operational, hazard, and labor related losses. 

The Risk Management Division has seven key tasks: 

  • Monitoring compliance with County safety rules, Minnesota OSHA safety and health standards and Federal OSHA requirements. 
  • Developing and implementing written safety programs for County facilities; Investigating, correcting, and reducing unsafe or unhealthy working conditions and potential hazards. 
  • Conducting periodic safety and health inspections of work areas, and facilities; Also, representing the County during investigations conducted by State and Federal OSHA staff. 
  • Organizing and presenting safety and health related training; Investigating and reporting accidents, hazardous incidents, and near misses involving County employees and facilities. 
  • Serves as the animal control authority for the County, responsible for the enforcement of the County’s Dangerous and Potentially Dangerous Dogs Ordinance
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the County’s safety and risk management program. 
  • Serves as the County’s ADA Coordinator. Responsible for investigating, monitoring, and responding to complaints regarding claims and services under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).