Data and Reports

Wright County Public Health utilizes data from many different sources. Looking at a variety of data helps us to understand the health of our communities, track important outcomes over time or emerging issues. Plans and reports are generated from all the data gathered and helps guide all our work. Local public health has reporting requirements in which we use data.

We value data and we value your input. We hope you find the data, reports, and plans helpful and informative.

Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

All Public Health Departments in Minnesota are required to conduct an assessment to determine local health priorities and develop an improvement plan to explain what we plan on doing to address key health issues. We must submit a CHA/CHIP every five years to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Since 2017 we have been working with Buffalo Hospital, part of Allina Health, CentraCare – Monticello and Wright County Community Action to complete our CHA and CHIP. By working together we can leverage all our resources to make a greater impact while actively working to ensure we are not duplicating efforts.

Community Health Needs Assessment 2023-2025
Community Health Needs Assessment Summary 2023- 2025
2020-2022 Community Health Improvement Plan
2020-2022 Community Health Needs Assessment

Strategic Plan

This internal plan allows our staff the opportunity to contribute to our departments vision and goals.

Our priorities:

  • Deeper Understanding of Community Needs Through Developing Strong Community Partnerships
  • Strengthen Public Health Infrastructure
  • Incorporate Health Equity into Public Health Division Culture

Priorities, goals, and objectives are identified through a planning process. We look to this plan as our guide to improve our ability to carry out the core functions of public health.

2020-2024 Wright County Strategic Plan