Absentee Voting FAQ

Can I have an absentee application sent to me automatically for every election?

If you would like to automatically receive an application for an absentee ballot before each election, you may complete an application to automatically receive absentee ballot applications (pdf)..   Be sure to mark the box indicating that you would like to be on the permeant list.

Absentee voting by mail for registered and non-registered voters requires a witness (either a Minnesota voter or a notary public). What options do I have for obtaining a witness if I am struggling to do so?

Ask a family member, friend, or neighbor to witness your blank ballot.  You can also use a notary or e-notary as a witness. Find a regular or e-notary.

Why did I receive a pre-filled absentee ballot application?

Several organizations send out mailings to increase voter participation. Mailings can include information regarding voter registration status, along with pre-filled absentee ballot and voter registration applications. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of data used by these organizations. Please contact our office with questions at elections@co.wright.mn.us or call us at 763-684-2392.

Can I check the status of my absentee ballot or ballot application?

Yes, at https://mnvotes.sos.state.mn.us/AbsenteeBallotStatus.aspx

I voted absentee in the primary.  Will I automatically receive an absentee ballot for the general election?

You may have requested both the primary and general election ballots on the same absentee ballot application. If you applied for both elections, you will automatically be sent your general election ballot and do not need to apply again. To check if you’ve already requested a ballot for the general election please use the ballot status tracker at mnvotes.org.