Dental Clinic Project

About the Project

In 2020, Wright County was awarded a $1.4M grant financed through state bonding to build out shelled space in the new Wright County Government Center for a non-profit dental clinic. The new clinic will be a safety-net clinic, caring for uninsured and underinsured people throughout the region. The facility will operate with the third-party reimbursements available for Medicaid services; grant funds and other philanthropic resources provide patient support services to strengthen the organization and provide more comprehensive care to patients in need. The proposed 6,200 square feet clinic will have capacity to serve as many as 7,000 unique dental patients each year. The dental clinic will be operated by a third-party provider, Community Dental Care. Click here to learn more about the project. 

Wright Smiles for Central Minnesota – Increasing Access to Dental Care for Thousands

Community Dental Care, one of Minnesota’s largest non-profit dental providers, is planning to open the clinic in 2022. Community Dental Care has been working in partnership with Wright County and the Wright County Dental Access Workgroup to plan and raise funds to design, build, equip and staff a dental clinic serving people of all ages and abilities in the region. The clinic will provide comprehensive dental care to all people, including those enrolled in public programs. Community Dental Care’s new clinic in Buffalo will have 12 operatories and, once fully staffed, will employ four dentists, four hygienists, eight dental assistants, three scheduling/treatment coordinators, one sterilizer and a manager.

Elected officials, community leaders and health care organizations have long understood that it is challenging for people on public programs and the uninsured to get the dental care they need. Each year, thousands of people end up in hospital emergency rooms where the cost of care is especially high and providers are not able comprehensively address dental concerns. This is precisely why there has been such broad community support for the new dental clinic from hospitals, health plans, public health organizations, dentists, elected officials and foundations.

Expanding to new communities is part of how Community Dental Care fulfills their mission to ensure everyone has access to quality oral health care, and they are pleased to be able to do so with the support of the community.

To learn more about Community Dental Care, visit Email with your contact information to receive updates on the new clinic.

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