2022 Budget

2022 Preliminary Levy

On September 28, 2021, the County Board approved a preliminary maximum levy of $87,257,925. This represents a 5.75% increase from the 2021 levy. Now that the preliminary levy is adopted, the Board cannot increase the levy, but can reduce it. 

The 2022 budget allows Wright County to continue to focus on our countywide strategic priorities:

  • Empower Use of Land, Property and the Environment
  • Optimize Civic Engagement
  • Promote Safe and Healthy Communities
  • Shepherd Economic Growth
  • Develop County Infrastructure

If you need assistance reading the information below, contact Wright County Finance via email for help. 

Type of RevenuePercentage of the 2022 Budget
Property Taxes53%
State Categorical Aid19%
Charges for Services12%
Federal Grants8%
State General Purpose Aid4%

Pie Chart Representing 2022 Budgeted Revenue

Type of ExpenditurePercentage of the 2022 Budget
General Government25%
Public Safety23%
Highway Operation21%
Human Services16%
Debt Service7%
Public Health3%
Culture & Recreation2%
Other / Unallocated2%
Conservation of Natural Resources1%
Capital Outlay0%
Highway Construction0%


Pie chart representing 2022 budgeted expenses