Information for Employers

Through income withholding, employers collect more than 70 percent of all the child support paid, and through new hire reporting, employers help match employees with child support obligations. Cooperation between employers and child support agencies encourages parental responsibility, reduces taxpayer costs for public assistance, and helps families provide for their children. 

For more information for employers, go to the Minnesota Department of Human Services website.

Income withholding

If an employee owes child support, you will receive an income withholding order or notice telling you how much to take out of each check and where to send it. All income withholding payments must be sent to the Minnesota Payment Center at:

MN Payment Center
PO Box 64306
St. Paul, MN 55164-0326

The amount deducted may not exceed the limits set by the Consumer Credit Protection Act and similar state laws.

Continue to withhold until you receive an official notification to stop.

You may charge an employee up to $1 for each payment withheld. Deduct the charge from the employee’s remaining income after you deduct the withheld child support.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers have the following responsibilities: 

  • When you receive a valid Order or Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support for an employee, you must follow the terms of the Order/Notice and deduct the specified amount from each paycheck within the allowable limits. This amount must then be remitted within designated time frames. 
  • You must provide information to the state or local child support enforcement agency for information about an employee, such as information about his or her earnings, current residence, health insurance coverage, and termination of employment. 
  • You must report all newly hired employees to your State Directory of New Hires. You must report the employee’s name, address and social security number as well as the employer’s name and federal employer identification number. 

More information is available from the Office of Child Support Enforcement.