Land Records Division

Property Conveyances

This office now collects all mortgage registration tax, state deed tax and conservation fees. We also processes all documents transferring property and enter them into a permanent database once recorded. 

Mortgage Registration Tax (MRT) - calculate Mortgage Amount X 0.0023 for tax amount

State Deed Tax (SDT) - calculate purchase price X 0.0033 for tax amount

Conservation Fees (Agricultural fee) are $5.00 per document.

Please contact our office for more information at 763.682.7357


Whether you are dividing, combining or platting your property the property taxes will be required to be paid in full for the current year and prior years before you can record any documents.  Please contact the Wright County Finance and Taxpayer Services Department for tax amounts due at 763.682.7572

Are you dividing your property?  Please check with the city or township before proceeding for the appropriate approvals.  Please verify whether your property is Abstract or Torrens.  If your property is Torrens, please contact our office at 763.682.7358 for more information before proceeding.

All other questions pertaining to division/splits please contact our office at 763.682.7581 or 763.682.7590 

Please contact Planning and Zoning for approval to divide or split property located in the township prior to recording legal documents 763.682.7338.  

Please contact Middleville and Corrina Township directly for approval to divide or split property prior to recording legal documents. 

We have resolutions on file that require written approval from the following cities before you can record your legal documents.

  • City of Albertville
  • City of Buffalo
  • City of Delano
  • City of Hanover
  • City of Maple Lake
  • City of Monticello
  • City of Otsego
  • City of Rockford
  • City of St. Michael
  • City of South Haven
  • City of Waverly

Do you want to combine your real estate parcels for tax purposes only?  You must obtain approval from the county, city and township.  Please contact our office for more information at 763.682.7581

Are you planning on platting your property?  Please contact the Wright County Surveyor's office for more information on platting and county requirements and fees associated with this process at 763.682.7889  Platting requires approvals from the county, city and/or township as well.  If your property is in the township, please contact the Wright County Planning & Zoning office at 763.682.7338 for more information and county requirements and fees associated with this process.