Economic Development Authority

What is the Wright County Economic Development Authority?

The Wright County Economic Development Authority (EDA) is a local authority, a subdivision of Wright County with the primary objective of shepherding economic growth within Wright County.

The EDA operates under the authority of Minnesota Statute, Sections 469.090 through 469.1082.

How was the EDA established?

The formation of the EDA was recommended by an Advisory Committee which included city and township representatives. The committee met in August and October 2020 and provided a report in November 2020.

In November 2020, the Wright County Board passed a resolution establishing the Wright County EDA.

What will the EDA do?

Facilitate and guide redevelopment of county owned properties.

County EDAs have much more legal authority to pursue the repurposing of public assets than counties do themselves. The EDA will facilitate and guide the redevelopment of the current Government Center and Health & Human Services Building located in Buffalo. These two properties are anticipated to be vacated by Wright County staff at the end of 2021.

Partner with local communities.

The EDA will partner with local cities and townships as well as the Wright County Economic Development Partnership (WCEDP) and support their efforts to achieve specific projects and advance broader initiatives.

Access state and federal resources.

The EDA will seek to access state and federal resources that are available mainly to larger public development agencies

Tax Abatement

The Wright County Economic Development Authority (EDA) is committed to encouraging economic growth as a cornerstone of a strong community and will partner with local jurisdictions to help them achieve economic success. The EDA will also promote flourishing industries, entrepreneurial success, high local employment levels, and income opportunities. With a targeted and quantified approach that follows state laws, the EDA aims to use tax abatement as a tool to shepherd economic growth.

Tax Abatement Information and Application

Meeting Schedule

The EDA is scheduled to meet the third Monday of each month at 8:30 a.m. Meetings are held in the Wright County Board Room and via Microsoft Teams.

EDA Board Members & Staff

Email Address
Phone Number
Darek Vetsch, President (763)682-7687
Nadine Schoen, Vice President  (763)682-7696
Jeanne Holland, Board Member (763)682-7686
Tina Diedrick, Board Member 763)682-7697
Michael Kaczmarek, Board Member (763)682-7685
Phil Kern, Board Member (763)972-0565
Josh Gehlen, Board Member (320)583-9147
Lee Kelly, County Administrator (763)682-7378
Clay Wilfahrt, Executive Director (763)684-8628
Elizabeth Karels, Project Administrator (763)684-8604