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Mailboxes and mailbox supports are the property of the mail route patron. Wright County does not issue written permits for the placement of mailboxes within the road right-of-way, nor do our easements provide for mailbox construction. All mailboxes placed within the road right-of-way are placed there at the owner’s risk.

When there is an accumulation of snow, the location of mailboxes close to the highway makes the plowing operations of the County difficult and renders the boxes quite susceptible to damage as a result of such activity. It is the County’s policy to use special care and consideration when plowing snow in their vicinity. Despite this care and consideration, some mailboxes will be knocked down or destroyed during the snow removal season. In the vast majority of cases it is the weight of snow coming off snowplow or wing which destroys a mailbox. On occasion, however, wings will hit and damage them.

We believe most of the mailbox damage which occurs during a typical winter would be eliminated if postal patrons would install a mailbox support that swings away when hit by snow or snowplow equipment. Attached is a steel post mailbox support diagram which has been approved for use in Wright County. This mailbox configuration has been crash tested and is acceptable in terms of nationally tested safety criteria. The use of this approved mailbox support provides a much safer environment for all motorists. It also makes the job of snow removal much easier and reduces cost and irritation to the mail patron when boxes are destroyed due to flying snow. Consequently, Wright County’s policy encourages the use of this recommended support.

Specific elements of the policy are as follows:

1. Wright County will provide and install at the County’s expense conforming mailbox supports within the limits of all Wright County highway reconstruction and highway resurfacing projects.

2. The mailbox support shall be the property of the property owner upon completion of installation and any further repair or replacement will be at the owner’s expense.

3. Once the support is in conformance with the County approved standards, it cannot be replaced with a different one that is not in conformance. Failure to comply with the County’s mailbox policy may result in removal of any non-conforming support and misdemeanor prosecution of the property owner for a right-of-way violation.

4. Effective April 1, 1996, all new driveway accesses with mailboxes shall be required to install an approved "Minncor" or approved equal mailbox support as part of the County Driveway Access Permit form. The cost of the support (presently $50.00 including sales tax) will be paid by the property owner. The County will install the support for the landowner at County expense.

5. The Wright County Highway Department will be authorized to sell support parts to the general public.

6. If property owners living along County highways do not wish to wait for a new mailbox support until their road is improved, they may have a new one installed by the County if they contact the Wright County Highway Department and pay the cost of the support (presently $50.00 including sales tax.)

Any questions on this policy can be directed to the Wright County Highway Department at the above phone number or to the Highway Maintenance Superintendent at (763) 682-7374.

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