Sheriff's - Mounted Patrol

 Wright County Sheriff's
Mounted Patrol



The Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol is a volunteer civilian group serving Wright County.        


Mounted Patrol members own their own horses and equipment required to perform their duties.

Currently, 16 members serve on the Wright County Sheriffs Mounted Patrol.

The Sheriff's Mounted Patrol was established in 1991 and John “Jack” Bodin was the first founding member.

 The training program is an ongoing curriculum for the Mounted Patrol.  All the horses and riders must be certified annually, prior to participating in public events.  

The certification requires a very high level of skill for both horse and rider.  The certification for the Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol is to insure that both the horse and rider are qualified and prepared for prevention and response in the county.

Mounted Patrol members meet every month to discuss new training techniques, current events and concerns in the county. 



 The members also have training in:

        • Horsemanship
        • Horse First Aid
        • Search and Rescue
        • CPR and First Aid
        • Defensive Tactics
        • Crime Scene Protection
        • Radio Communications
        • Squad Car Procedures
        • Writing Reports



Applications to join the Wright County Mounted Patrol may be obtained below or by calling the Sheriff's Office at  763-682-7622.

Mounted Patrol Application
Basic Horse & Rider Certification Requirements