Trail & Bikeway Planning

County Trail and Bikeway Plan

Attached to this notice is a copy of The Wright County Trail and Bikeway Plan.  Public open houses were held in early June 2011. 

The goal of the Trail and Bikeways Master Plan is to improve county-wide connectivity and to foster active living.  The Wright County Plan is a guide to future bikeway and trail development, operations, and implementation.  The Plan was funded by a grant from the Statewide Health Improvement Program and Live Wright.

The final plan was adopted in July by the County Board.

The plan is based on an evaluation conducted by the County, with input from townships, cities, and the public.  Forty-five people attended two open house meetings in February and 140 people completed a trail and bikeway questionnaire.  The County Parks Commission also provided input.  Key findings from the community input include:

  • The need for more trails and bikeways in parks and along scenic areas such as lakes and rivers.
  • The desire for more paved off-road trails, loop trails, and bikeway loops.
  • The need to connect Wright County to existing and planned state and regional trails like the Luce Line, the Lake Wobegon Trail, and trails in Hennepin County.

We understand funding is tight right now.  This Plan as a long-term guide so we can make appropriate decisions about where future trails and bikeways should be located and how county facilities should be coordinated with city and  state trails and other counties' plans.

The plan recommends adding regional trails and bikeways paralleling the Crow and Mississippi Rivers, around lakes, and within County Parks.  The Plan also calls for new trails to be built when highways are rebuilt and to create bike routes and pedestrian and bike friendly roads by having paved shoulders on new and rebuilt County State Aid Highways.  The Plan includes a "legacy idea" (100-200 years from now) with the potential to have a nature area and trails paralleling the North Fork of the Crow River. 

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 Bertram Chain of Lakes

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