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The Planning and Zoning Office...administers and enforces zoning, land use, and subdivision regulations for unincorporated areas of the County, and includes the Environmental Health, Building Inspection, and Feedlot Divisions. The department provides staff support to the County Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment. Other areas of responsibility include solid waste management, water quality testing, on-site sewage treatment regulation, construction plan review and site inspection, complaint investigations, and a number of related issues.

Zoning Administrator
Sean Riley   Email:  

Planner/Board of Adjustment/GIS Mapping
Barry Rhineberger   Email: 

Planner/Zoning Administration/Planning Commission
Stacy Marquardt   Email:  

Environmental Health Supervisor/Solid Waste Officer
Bill Stephens   Email:

Environmental Health Officer
Troy Johnson   Email:

Environmental Health Officer/Gravel Mining 
Scott Deckert   Email: 

Compost and Recycling Facility Manager 
Craig Mueller   Email:

Building Official
Craig Schulz   Email: 

Building Inspector/Rural Addressing
Gary Lebovsky   Email: 

Building Inspector
Michael Woodford   Email: 

Feedlot Program Administrator
Tracy Janikula   Email:

Office Manager
Terrie Piram   Email:

Office Assistance/General Inquiries
Rhonda Thompson   Email:
Phone 763-682-7338

*Scheduling of Inspections must be by phone ONLY