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  • Walk-in hours to apply for public assistance programs are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  If you need to be seen outside of these hours, you must make prior arrangements with Financial Assistance staff.  If you have an open, existing case with Financial Services, always call your Financial Worker to schedule an appointment before coming into the Agency.   
  • You may now apply for most assistance programs online by visiting ApplyMN.  Many programs allow for interviews to be completed by phone. Your Financial Worker will let you know if you are required to complete an in person interview.
  • Financial Services E-mail:  Call our Agency from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday at 763-682-7414.
  • Financial Services is located on the 3rd Floor of the Government Center at 10 2nd Street NW, Buffalo.  Forms to apply for Public Assistance and Child Support are available at this address as well as at the Human Services Center at 1004 Commercial Drive, Buffalo.  Links to application and renewal forms are provided below.
  • There is a convenient document drop-off site outside of the front doors of the Human Services Center located at 1004 Commercial Drive, Buffalo.  All information dropped off at this location will be sent directly to staff located at the Government Center.

Financial Assistance

Assistance is available for individuals or families whose income and assets are within program guidelines and who meet other program criteria.

Apply for Programs Online
Minnesotans now have the option to apply online for health care, cash assistance, SNAP (food support), emergency help, and child care assistance programs using ApplyMN, Minnesota's secure, online system. 

To get started, visit ApplyMN to use an online pre-screening tool to find out if you might qualify for benefits and to register for a user ID and password.  If you already have a user ID and password, you can simply log on with your user information.

ApplyMN FAQFinancial Assistance Forms
Change Report Form
Combined Application Form (CAF)   Click here to view the list of verifications that you are required to provide with your completed application.
Combined Six-Month Report Form
Employment Verification Form
Financial Aid Information Form
Household Report Form
Self Employment Report Form
Shelter Verification Form

The links below take you to the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the Minnesota Department of Health websites for more information.

Economic Support Information
Minnesota Department of Human Services Publication (eDocs)
Minnesota Health Information Clearinghouse

Diversionary Work Program (DWP)
The Diversionary Work Program, or DWP, is a four-month program that helps low-income Minnesota families find a job.  DWP helps parents go to work rather than go on welfare.  Parents are expected to enter into an employment plan with an Employment Specialist from Central Minnesota Jobs and Training before they are approved for DWP.  After families have an employment plan, they can receive financial assistance to meet their basic needs and get other supports, such as SNAP (food support) and child and health care assistance.

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP)
Cash, food, medical, and child care assistance for families whose income and assets are within program limits. Congress and the State Legislature have limited this program to 60 months per lifetime.  Program requires participation with employment and training services (some exemptions may apply).  Applications for Child Care for MFIP and transition year.

Emergency Assistance (EA) - County Crisis Funds
Emergency Assistance is provided in the form of specific payments for shelter, utilities, or other emergency expenses outlined in the Wright County Crisis Fund Plan.  The event or situation that is causing the emergency must present a threat to the health or safety of the individual or family and the family lacks the financial resources to resolve the crisis.  Emergency aid is for families with children under 21.  Emergency aid is available once in a 12 month period, and the family must have residence in MN for at least 30 days prior to application.  This program offers only short-term help.  People currently active on an assistance program with Financial Assistance should call their caseworker to apply for emergency assistance.  People not currently active in a program in Wright County can call 763-682-7414 and ask for Financial Assistance Intake for information on how to apply for emergency assistance.

Cold Weather Rule
Minnesota's Cold Weather Rule is in effect from October 15 through April 15 each year.  The Cold Weather Rule protects residential utility customers from having their heat shut off, if they make and keep an affordable payment plan with their utility company.  The Cold Weather Rule applies to homeowners and renters who pay their own heat.

Contrary to popular belief, the Cold Weather Rule is NOT a moratorium on utility disconnections.  In order to keep their heat on, or to reconnect their heat, customers must contact their electric and/or natural gas company to make and keep a payment plan.

The links below provide additional information about the Cold Weather Rule.

Cold Weather Rule Frequently Asked Questions
Public Utilities Commission 

For more information about the Cold Weather Rule, contact the Public Utilities Commission at, 651-296-0406, or 1-800 657-3782.

General Assistance (GA)
Cash assistance to single and married adults without children whose income and assets are within program limits.

Group Residential Housing (GRH)
The GRH program is available to help recipients pay for room and board costs when living in certain group living arrangements.  The recipient cannot be related to the person providing the care, and the home must be registered and licensed by the county.  To qualify, the recipient must meet GA or MSA basis of eligibility.

Minnesota Supplement Assistance Program (MSA)
Cash assistance which supplements Social Security and/or SSI payments to elderly, blind or disabled individuals, whose income and assets are within program limits.

IV-E Foster Care
Pays for foster care for children whose families would qualify for cash assistance programs if child(ren) were at home.

Burial Assistance
There is assistance available for burials or cremations for Wright County residents who die with no ability to pay for burial.  This program does not help subsidize a planned funeral or defray costs from a funeral; instead it pays for a low-cost County burial or cremation.  Ask the funeral home for information on County Burials, or click on the links below for an application and the Indigents Burial Policy.

Wright County Burial Application
Wright County Burial Policy
Burial Claim for Payment Form

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Child Care Assistance Program

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) can help families pay child care costs for children up to age 12 and children with special needs up to age 14.  Child care costs may be paid for income eligible families while they go to work, look for work, or attend school.  All families will have a copayment based on their gross income and family size.

Child Care Assistance Program Application

The links below take you to the Minnesota Department of Human Services website and the Wright County Licensed Day Care Providers website for more information.

Child Care Assistance Program Information
Keeping Kids Safe: Your Home Child Care Emergency Plan
Wright County Licensed Day Care Providers

ApplyMN (apply online)

Child Care Assistance Program - Providers 

Provider Policy Overview 
Provider Handbook

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SNAP (Food Support) 

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides food support assistance to individuals or families whose income and assets are within program limits.

The links below take you to the Minnesota Department of Human Services or other websites for more information.

SNAP (Food Support) Information
Combined Application Form (CAF)
Second Harvest Heartland
Wright County Food Shelves

ApplyMN (apply online)

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MNsure/Health Care

Medical help is available for individuals and families whose income and assets are within program limits.  Medical Assistance may assist with nursing home costs.

Beginning January 1, 2014, all U.S. citizens and legal residents will be required to obtain health insurance coverage.  To apply for Health Care please visit

For additional information, please call the State MNsure Contact Center at 1-855-3-MNsure (1-855-366-7873), or click on the following links:

Health Care Programs Information
Getting Health Coverage Through MNsure
MNsure Questions 

Current Medical Assistance recipients may click on the link below to submit Medical Assistance reimbursements for items such as Cost Effective Health Insurance and Medicare premiums.  If you have questions while doing so, please contact your Financial Worker.

Medical Reimbursement Claim for Payment Form

Individuals with disabilities may need to complete additional forms.  Please read the brochure and documents below regarding the State Medical Review Team (SMRT) process.

Disability Services Brochure
Documentation Requirements
Authorization to Release Protected Health Information
State Disability Reviews for Adults
Request for Disability Information for Adults (without children in the home)
Adult Disability Worksheet
State Disability Reviews for Children
Children's Disability Worksheet

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Health Care Access/MA Transportation

Wright County has a Health Care Access Plan which ensures that Medical Assistance (MA) recipients have access to medical appointments.  To learn more about the Health Care Access services and how to obtain prior authorization, view the Health Care Access Services document.

To seek prior authorization for services, contact the Wright County MA Transportation Liaison at:

Wright County Human Services
Attention:   Medical Transportation Services Liaison
1004 Commercial Drive
Buffalo, MN  55313-1736
Phone:  763-682-7482
Fax:  763-682-7701

Personal Reimbursement:  If your prior authorization involves the reimbursement of items such as mileage, meals, lodging and/or parking, you will need to submit a completed Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Claim Form.  (This form must also be taken with you to your medical appointments so the health care provider can sign the form as verification of your trip.)

Commercial Carrier Transportation:  If your prior authorization involves contacting a commercial carrier to transport you to/from your appointments, the MA Recipient is required to submit a signed Release of Information form, which will authorize Wright County to correspond with the commercial carrier regarding your service needs.  Wright County will reimburse commercial carriers directly for prior authorized services, so no claim form is required from the MA Recipient for this method of transportation.

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Child Support and Collections

Establish, enforce, and modify court orders for basic support (child support), child care, and medical support (health insurance/medical reimbursement).  Collect court-ordered spousal maintenance payments.  Determine paternity for children born out of wedlock.  Paternity genetic testing arrangements made.  Anyone may apply for these services with a completed application and a $25 application fee.  Additional cost recovery fees may apply (see Explanation of Child Support).  For information on Child Support and Collections services, call (763) 682-7414 or toll free 1-800-362-3667, ext. 7414.

Parents who pay or receive child support may complete a request online to modify your court ordered child support. This process may initiate a legal action.  Use the Child Support Information Link below and select Child Support ezDocs.  You will be asked to obtain a password prior to using the forms.  To obtain a password, call the Minnesota Child Support Enforcement Division - CSED at (651) 431-4400.  Select option 4 and ask for a password to begin using Child Support ezDocs.

To use Child Support ezDocs, you must have an open child support case in a Minnesota county.  You should also have access to important information about your case(s), income, health care coverage, and child care expense before using this web tool.

Follow the links below for more information and resources.

Child Support Information
Child Support Calculator
Minnesota Court Forms for Child Support

To apply for Child Support services, click on the link below.

Child Support Application

Mail Child Support payments to:
Minnesota Child Support Payment Center
P.O. Box 64326
St. Paul, MN 55164-0326

With their Participant number and PIN number, child support participants can get the following information at
Minnesota Child Support Online:

  • General case information
  • Financial history
  • Information about the child support program

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Fraud Investigation

FPI Investigator - Tom R. Kleven

The Wright County Fraud Unit actively pursues and investigates cases suspected of having fraudulent activity. Receipt of benefits such as SNAP (food support), Cash Assistance, Medical Assistance, and Child Care may be based upon who is living in the home and the income and/or assets of all or some of the household residents.

When suspected fraudulent activity is reported, an investigation occurs to determine if there has been a program violation.  Reports of suspected fraud come from various sources: staff, concerned citizens, other counties, the State Department of Human Services, the tip line, letters, and e-mail.

If a person intentionally gives false information or conceals facts about their situation in order to receive or increase their benefits, they may be subject to prosecution or administrative action.  This could result in felony level charges, sentencing, and disqualification from receiving more program benefits.

Suspected fraud may be reported anonymously by calling the numbers listed below:

State Department of Human Services Hotline


Toll-free Line


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Housing Resources

Al Loehr Veterans and Community Studio Apartments - Managed by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud
Catholic Charities - Funding for Emergency Assistance
Central Continuum of Care - Ending Homelessness in 14 Counties
HousingLink - Find Housing Now
Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA) - St. Cloud
Homeless Shelters and Resources
Housing Coalition - 320-259-7676
Tenant Concerns
Tri-CAP - Funding for Emergency Assistance
Wright County Community Action
Wright County Housing Resources List

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Other Helpful Resources

Bridge to Benefits
Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services
Disability Benefits 101 - This website gives you tools and information on employment, health coverage, and benefits.  You can plan ahead and learn how work and benefits go together.
Energy/Fuel Assistance
Minnesota Workforce Centers
Minnesota Works (job bank)

Wright County Transportation Services

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