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Need More Information?

Call or e-mail one of Wright County's child care licensors to obtain public information on a provider you are considering.  Please include the name of the child care provider you are inquiring about.  Please also see our Finding a Provider page for more information.

Licensing Laws/Rules/Statutes

Child Care Licensing Rule - MN Rule 9502
Human Services Licensing - MN Statute 245A
Human Services Background Studies - MN Statute 245C

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Need More Information?

You can contact us in a variety of ways:

Initial Licensing -
Relicensing (last names A-L) -
Relicensing (last names M-N) -
Relicensing (last names O-Z) -

Initial Licensing - Becky Domjahn - 763-682-7485
Relicensing (last names A-L) - Kathy DeMars - 763-682-7487
Relicensing (last names M-N) - Kris Carlson - 763-684-2311
Relicensing (last names O-Z) - Becky Domjahn - 763-682-7485

Office:  Our office is located in Buffalo in the Human Services Center. A map and address to the office are available online for your convenience.

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