Children's Mental Health
  • Mental Health Targeted Case Management for qualified individuals                                 
    • Functional Assessment
      • Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument (CASII)
      • Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)
    • Case Planning (FCSP)
    • Placement Options
      • Respite
      • Foster Care
      • Residential Treatment
    • Referral and Coordination of Services
  • Children's Day Treatment
  • Family Based Therapeutic Services

Children's Wright County Resource Guide


What is Children's Mental Health Case Management?
Mental Health Case Management Services will assist the eligible individual and their family access to needed medical, social, educational and other services. Children's Mental Health Services are completely voluntary services.  A Social Worker will meet monthly with families to determine necessity and level of services and provide support in navigating services.

How do I apply for Children's Mental Health Services?
Call Social Service Intake at 763-682-7481, or 1-800-362-3667, ext 7481. Please have a completed Diagnostic Assessment within 6 months of applying for services.

How do I apply for Medical Assistance or TEFRA?
Please call Financial Services Intake at 763-682-7414. Applications are also available at the Wright County Human Services building at 1004 Commercial Drive, Buffalo.

The school wants my child in Day Treatment. What is Day Treatment and why does the County have to be involved?
Day Treatment is a program that integrates the educational and therapy needs for your child. Therapies through Day Treatment include individual (child), group (all children in Day Treatment and therapist, and family therapy. The Therapist works closely with school staff to develop a comprehensive plan designed to help your child succeed.  Meetings are held at least every three months to discuss your child's progress and needs. These meetings will include you, your child, school staff, therapist, and the Children's Mental Health Social Worker.

County Policy requires that all children involved in a Day Treatment Program must have a Children's Mental Health Social Worker to assist you in accessing other resources and services as needed. This will help your child return to his/her regular school as soon as is safely possible.

What are the possible resources or services you can provide or help me access?

  • Mentor Programs
  • Support groups
  • In-Home Family Therapy
  • In-Home Family Skills
  • Referral for a psychiatrist (if one is not involved)
  • Respite Care
  • Summer Camp
  • Assistance to obtain financial resources such as the Medical Assistance option of TEFRA Transportation
  • Assistance in gaining support from family, friends, neighbors, churches, etc
  • Coordination with school programs
  • Child and adolescent psychiatric hospital
  • Crisis resources

We utilize every possible funding stream available including state and federal programs, to increase resources for you and your child. If at any time, your child may need to use shelter care, foster care, group home care, or residential treatment, we would work with you to try to prevent that, if possible. If that cannot be accomplished, we would arrange for the out of home care and keep it as brief as possible.

Does the County pay for Camp?
Wright County has limited resources available to assist families in paying for camps.  Social Workers will work with families to identify community and family resources first, using the county dollars only as a last resort.

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