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Reducing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Safe Sleep for Infants
As of 3/1/2012 - No Blankets
See Helpful Resources - Sleep Standards


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Child Foster Care


Child Foster Care Placement Information - The placing social worker will be giving the foster parent this form at the time of placement with as much information as known at that time.  As more information is learned, the form should be updated.

Clarification of Roles - Clarifies the roles of the licensor and case manager as well as how they work cooperatively.

Contact Tree - Quick tips to help you obtain the information you need if you are attempting to reach a child's social worker.

Evaluation of the Agency by the Foster Home - To be used every three months, at relicensing, and as needed by the foster parent.

Social Services Expectations for Child Foster Care Placement Communication - In order to ensure positive experiences for children in foster care, these expectations will be followed regarding placement support for foster families.

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Helpful Resources

Resource Library
Foster Care
Child Development
Mental Health
Sleep Standards
Cultural Resources
General Resources

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Resource Library 
Online Learning Modules - UMN
Resource Library Titles - Contact Licensor for check out procedures.
Resource Library Descriptions


Foster Care
Family Matters
Foster Parent Bill of Rights
Foster Parent Community
Kid's Bill of Rights
Minnesota Foster Care Association
Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention, and Planning
Foster Club - The National Network for Young People in Foster Care
Minnesota Joint Underwriting Association
Minnesota Kinship Caregivers Association
Minnesota Department of Human Services - Foster Care and Out-of-Home Placement
Toolbox Parenting - Tips for tough kids


Child Development/Parenting
Sexual Behaviors in Preschool Children
Handout on Effects of Abuse & Neglect on Development
Developmental and Behavior Chart
Developmental Milestones
Effects of Abuse and Neglect on Development
Erickson & Piaget Developmental Stages
Toddler Property Laws
Minnesota Organization of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
University of MN - Questions about Kids
University of Michigan - Your Child Development and Behavior Resources
Iowa State University - Home and Family


Foster Care, Adoption, Relative Custody Benefit Comparison
Relative Custody Assistance  
Paths to Permanency


Mental Health
Keeping Families Together - Treatment Options for Children with Mental Illness
Mental Health Crisis Planning
Minnesota Mental Health Resources
National Mental Health Resources
Mental Health Fact Sheets from the MN Association for Children's Mental Health
Mental Health Resources for Benton, Sherburne, and Wright Counties
National Alliance on Mental Illness - Minnesota
Minnesota Association of Children's Mental Health


Minnesota Department of Education - Special Education
PACER Center (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights)


Sleep Standards
What does a safe sleep environment look like?
Health Promotion and Protection:  Standard  Safe Sleep Practices and SIDS/Suffocation Risk Reeducation
New Health and Safety Standards:  Full document
Minnesota SIDS Center


Cultural Resources
Overview - Diversity Awareness
Religion Culture of Poverty
Cultural Resources
Teaching Tolerance
The Invisible Suitcase
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning ("LGBTQ")


General Resources
Birth Parents with Trauma Histories and the Child Welfare System
Central Minnesota Legal Services
Child and Family Visitation
Children's Law Center of Minnesota
Confidentiality and Child Foster Care
Guardian ad Litem

Knowing Your Rights A Handbook for Kids in Foster Care
Law Clinic at Wright County - Free
Legal 101
Legal Glossary
Mandated Reporting
Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota State Fire Marshal
Minnesota Child Passenger Safety
National Child Traumatic Stress Network
National Fire Protection Association - Safety Information


10 Things Every Pediatrician Should Know About Children in Foster Care
Mayo Clinic

Kids Health
MN Department of Health (STDs)
Self-Injury/Cutting - Mayo Clinic


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Provider Forms and Information

Agreement Between Foster Parents and Placement Agency - Agreement with the child's social worker, the parent(s), and foster parents in order to work together to ensure that a child is safe, that they have permanency and stability in their living situation, and that their well-being needs are being met.

Authorization for Child Welfare Emergency Medical Care - Signed by placing workers and used by foster parents to access medical care.

Authorization to Travel Out of State - Providers must have written permission before they leave the state of Minnesota with a foster child.

Background Study Log - To be used by Foster Parents to track the processing of criminal background studies.  This will be reviewed at relicensing visits.

Clothing Allowance - Outlines the clothing allowance process.

Clothing and Personal Item Inventory - Providers are encouraged to document children's personal possessions at the time of placement to ensure that they leave with their belongings.

Confidentiality and Child Foster Care - Foster providers must maintain confidentiality.

Family Child Foster Care Licensing Checklist - Used to review the licensing Rule.

Foster Parent Handbook - General information.

Home Safety Checklist - Licensor uses to inspect provider's home.

Incident Report - Provider completes when an accident occurs.

Information to Obtain at the Time of Placement - To be used when a child is initially placed in your care.

Mandated Reporter Training  - Minnesota Department of Human Services web based training.

Minimal Clothing Standard - Guidelines for the minimum amount of clothing a child should have while in care.

Permission Slip - Permission to access services that must be signed by the placing social worker.

Physician's Report - To be completed by physician if requested by licensor.

Record of Illness/Appointments/Professional Contacts - Provider completes one for each foster child to track illnesses, appointments, and professional contacts.  This will be used as a part of their training log tracking.

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect - Mandated reporting guide.

Training Record - To keep track of provider's training.

Variance Request - Provider completes and submits to the licensor when requesting a variance from the rule.

Vendor Instructions - How to complete a voucher.

Voucher Example

NOTE: Forms are in Adobe Acrobat format.
  If necessary download the free Reader from Adobe's website.

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As licensed foster care providers, you are able to request reimbursement for mileage to medical appointments through a foster child's medical assistance.  The following link outlines the reimbursement process. 

Health Care Access/MA Transportation

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