Adult Foster Care - Initial Licensing Process

Steps to Becoming a Provider
Initial Licensing Paperwork
Licensing Laws
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Adult Foster Care

Steps to Becoming a Provider

  1. Complete and submit all Initial Licensing Paperwork as required.
  2. The licensing social worker will contact you to schedule a visit to your home.

When all paperwork and training is complete, the licensing social worker will visit your home to learn more about your family and ensure your home meets safety requirements for Adult Foster Care.

Please Note:

  • The average time for completion of the licensing process is 90-120 days.
  • As part of the licensing process, you will learn about the Wright County Adult Foster Care program, licensing requirements, and how vulnerable adults enter into Adult Foster Care.
  • This process also involves gathering information about you, your family, and your home. Through the licensing process, we are able to identify the skills and strengths you bring to the foster care program and ensure standard licensing requirements are met.
  • Individual orientation for Adult Foster Care licensure is provided by the licensor during the initial home visit(s).

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Initial Licensing Paperwork

If you are interested in becoming a provider, please e-mail our staff at

Family Systems License Application - Complete the application and return to licensing.  To find out the municipality contact information required for page 5 of the application, please see the City Officials or Township Officers lists of government officials in Wright County.

SSIS Application for Foster Care Licensure - Complete the application and return to licensing.

Privacy Rights Notice - Review for privacy rights information.

Privacy Rights Signature Page - Sign and return to licensing.

Instructions for Initiating Background Studies through NETStudy - Follow instructions for initiating background studies.

Background Study Log - The license holder must maintain documentation of background studies initiated for the program.

Reference Letters - Three references are required from unrelated individuals who can attest to the applicant's ability to provide care for functionally impaired adults.  Completed reference forms must be sent to licensing.

Fire Marshal Fee Instructions - Follow instructions to initiate the request for a Fire Marshal inspection.

Home Safety Checklist - Review and ensure full compliance with checklist items.  Send completed checklist to licensing.

Disaster Plan - Complete and return to licensing.

Social Family History - Each license applicant must complete and return to licensing.

Social Family History of Household Members - Each household member (not the license applicant/s) must complete and return to licensing.

Rule 203 Competency Test - Read Rule 203 (Adult Foster Care Rule), complete the competency test, and return to licensing.

Vulnerable Adult Act Training - Annual training on the Vulnerable Adult Act is required by MN Statute 245A.65.  Complete the on-line competency test and follow instructions to obtain a certificate of completion.  All license holder and caregivers must receive a score of 80% or higher to be considered adequately trained on the Vulnerable Adult Act.  Maintain annual certificates with the license holder and caregivers' training logs.

Program Abuse Prevention Plan - Complete and return to licensing.

AFC Home Program Plan - Complete and return to licensing.

Grievance Policy - Submit the completed policy to licensing.

Substance Abuse Policy - Submit the completed policy to licensing.

Reporting Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults Policy - Submit the completed plan to licensing.

Floor and Escape Plan - Submit the completed plan to licensing.

Well-water Testing Requirements - Water from privately owned wells must be tested annually by a MN Health Department certified laboratory for coliform bacteria and nitrate nitrogens to verity safety.

Acknowledgment of Resident's Rights - Review and sign the form.

Directions to Home - Complete and return to licensing.

Rules Agreement - Read Rule 203 (Adult Foster Care Rule) and Vulnerable Adult Act, and sign the form.

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Licensing Laws

Rule 203 (Adult Foster Care Rule)

9555.5050 - Repealer and effective dates.

9555.5105 - Definitions.

9555.5205 - Applicability.

9555.5305 - Purpose.

9555.5405 - Foster Home Development.

9555.5505 - Local Agency Orientation and Training Role.

9555.5515 - Record on The Residence.

9555.5605 - Assessment.

9555.5705 - Provision of Adult Foster Care Services to Residents of Adult Foster Homes.

9555.6105 - Applicability and Purpose.

9555.6115 - License Application Process.

9555.6125 - Licensing Study.

9555.6145 - Negative Licensing Actions.

9555.6165 - Capacity.

9555.6167 - Individual Resident Placement Agreement.

9555.6175 - Cooperate and Report to Agencies.

9555.6185 - Foster Care Training.

9555.6195 - Prohibitions Against Maltreatment and Discrimination.

9555.6205 - Physical Environment.

9555.6215 - Water and Food.

9555.6225 - Sanitation and Health.

9555.6235 - Adult Foster Home Program.

9555.6245 - Personal Record of Resident in Foster Care.

9555.6255 - Resident's Rights.

9555.6265 - Safeguards for Cash Resources Entrusted to Operator.

Vulnerable Adult Act

Definitions of Maltreatment

Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Minnesota Statute 245A - Human Services Licensing Act

Minnesota Statute 245C - Human Services Background Studies Act

MN Statute 245D - Home and Community-based Services Standards

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Schedules/Training Dates

No Meeting Schedules or Training Dates available at this time.

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Need More Information?

If you live in Wright County, please contact the licensor by email at  If you do not live in Wright County, please contact your local county social services department; click here for contact information for Minnesota counties.

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