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Adult Foster Care (AFC) means the provision of food, lodging, protection, supervision, and household services to a functionally impaired adult in a residence.  AFC services may also include the provision of personal care, household and living skills assistance or training, medication assistance, and assistance safeguarding cash resources.

There are two types of AFC - family AFC and corporate AFC.  An AFC home is considered a family AFC when the license holder lives in the home.  An AFC home is considered corporate AFC when the license holder does not live in the home.  Currently there is a moratorium (a ban) on the development of corporate AFC homes unless certain exceptions are met.  This means that no new licenses may be issued for a physical location that will not be the primary residence of the license holder for the entire period of licensure.

Wright County will accept applications for family AFC homes at any time, however, placements are not guaranteed.  In addition, placements are not likely for newly licensed homes unless the license holder has extensive experience and skill working with individuals with disabilities.

If you live in Wright County and would like more information on AFC, click on Adult Foster Care General Information.  If you do not live in Wright County, please contact your county social services department and request to speak to the Adult Foster Care licensor.

Adult Foster Care General Information
Initial Licensing Process
Provider Corner
Licensing Laws
Schedules/Training Dates
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Licensing Laws

Rule 203 (Adult Foster Care Rule)

9555.5050 - Repealer and effective dates.

9555.5105 - Definitions.

9555.5205 - Applicability.

9555.5305 - Purpose.

9555.5405 - Foster Home Development.

9555.5505 - Local Agency Orientation and Training Role.

9555.5515 - Record on The Residence.

9555.5605 - Assessment.

9555.5705 - Provision of Adult Foster Care Services to Residents of Adult Foster Homes.

9555.6105 - Applicability and Purpose.

9555.6115 - License Application Process.

9555.6125 - Licensing Study.

9555.6145 - Negative Licensing Actions.

9555.6165 - Capacity.

9555.6167 - Individual Resident Placement Agreement.

9555.6175 - Cooperate and Report to Agencies.

9555.6185 - Foster Care Training.

9555.6195 - Prohibitions Against Maltreatment and Discrimination.

9555.6205 - Physical Environment.

9555.6215 - Water and Food.

9555.6225 - Sanitation and Health.

9555.6235 - Adult Foster Home Program.

9555.6245 - Personal Record of Resident in Foster Care.

9555.6255 - Resident's Rights.

9555.6265 - Safeguards for Cash Resources Entrusted to Operator.

Vulnerable Adult Act

Definitions of Maltreatment

Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Minnesota Statute 245A - Human Services Licensing Act

Minnesota Statute 245C - Human Services Background Studies Act

MN Statute 245D - Home and Community-based Services Standards

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Schedules/Training Dates

No Meeting Schedules or Training Dates available at this time.

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Need More Information?

If you live in Wright County, please contact the licensor by e-mail at  If you do not live in Wright County, please contact your local county social services department; click here for contact information for Minnesota counties. 

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