Tax Forfeiture Information





Notice is hereby given of a land sale to be held at the County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office in the Wright County Government Center 10 2nd Street NW in the city of Buffalo at 1:00 on Friday October 26th, 2012.  The following described parcels of land forfeited to the State of Minnesota for non-payment of property taxes and have been classified and appraised as provided by law.

All parcels are offered at public auction and sold to the highest bidder.  The minimum bid acceptable is the basic sale price which is shown on the list.  The basic sale price is equal to the appraised value or the appraised value plus any extra charges for special assessments levied before forfeiture.

A 3% surcharge for the state assurance account will be collected at the time of sale.  The following fees will be collected when the sale price is paid in full: a state deed fee of $25.00, a recording filing fee of $46.00, state deed tax of .33% of sale price, and an agricultural fee of $5.00. 

Cash or check will be the preferred payment for all purchases. 

The buyer will receive a receipt at the time of sale.  The Department of Revenue will issue a state deed after full payment is made.  Sales are subject to the following restriction on the use of the properties:

1)      Existing leases,

2)      Easements obtained by a governmental subdivision or state agency for public purpose,

3)      Building codes and zoning laws,

All sales are final with no refunds or exchanges allowed.  The appraised value does not represent a basis for future taxes.  If any property contains an “abandoned” well (inoperable and not in use, or disconnected from a power source,) it must be sealed and the costs for sealing an inoperable well will be added to the basic sale price listed along with a $50.00 fee for recording the necessary Well Disclosure Certificate.

The balance of any special assessments which were levied before forfeiture and cancelled at forfeiture and which exceed the amount of the basic sale price may be reassessed by the municipality.  A survey may be needed to locate the boundary lines of the property.  This is not the County’s responsibility.  Purchasers should be aware that the property title they receive will not be a clear title.  Unsatisfied liens may remain against the property.  All property is sold in an “as is” contract.

Robert J Hiivala, Wright County Auditor/Treasurer



MunicipalityPIDDescriptionMinimum Bid
City of Buffalo103-123-007020Lot 2 Blk 7 Pulaski Lake Shores Unit 2$2,092.10
City of Otsego118-034-002300Lot 30 Blk 2 Vasseurs Oak Grove Est 3rd$10,000.00
 118-039-001050Lot 5 Blk 1 Halls 2nd Addition$6,557.36
 118-052-000010Outlot A Country Ridge$1.00
City of Monticello155-500-101402Part of the SE 1/4 of NE 1/4   10-121-025$134,000.00
Monticello Township213-000-182304Part of NE 1/4 of SW 1/4     18-121-024$100.00