2019 Construction Projects

The 2019 Construction Program on Wright County Highways includes the following (link to map below):

Reconstruction Projects: Highway 38 in Otsego (from Odean Ave. to TH 101); and Highway 19 (from north of I94 to Hwy 38) & Highway 38 (from Hwy 19 to McIver Ave.) in Albertville and Otsego.

Pavement Preservation Projects: Segments of the following highways in the west/central part of the county will receive new bituminous pavement (refer to map, link below, for exact locations/limits): Highways 39, 7, 5, and 35.


  • County Highway 39 Corridor Buffer lane project - a new pavement surface will be constructed from Monticello to Otsego and a new continuous center left turn lane will be created with pavement markings
  • County Highway 17 Slope Protection/Flood Wall Improvement in Delano
  • Centerline Mumble strips along the County Highway 34, 35, and 37 corridors
  • Highway 35 Retaining Wall improvements in Buffalo

Click on the link below for a map of the 2019 Construction Projects on Wright County Highways

2019 Construction Projects Map

If you have any questions on Wright County's 2019 Construction program please contact:

Chad Hausmann, Assistant County Engineer, 763-682-7387; chad.hausmann@co.wright.mn.us

or Kevin Johnson, Senior Construction Supervisor, 763-682-7707; kevin.johnson@co.wright.mn.us