Family Planning

Family planning is a voluntary action taken to prevent, delay, or achieve a pregnancy. The goals of this program are to encourage pregnancy planning, promote regular check-ups and testing, find and treat health problems early, and promote healthy pregnancies.

Services Available:

-Education and counseling
-Free pregnancy testing
-Medical exam at a local clinic
-Screening for sexually transmitted infections
-Screenings for cervical and testicular cancer
-Condoms and spermicides
-Full range of birth control methods
-Information on abstinence and fertility awareness
-Referrals for social and medical issues
-Abortion services not available 

Contact Information

Call (763) 684-8424 to schedule an appointment or
Text (763) 477-8327 to reach the Family Planning Nurse.

Helpful Resources

American Sexual Health Association
Minnesota Family Planning Program
Reproductive Health


The Wright Informer: A Health & Sexuality Information Bulletin

Wright County Family Planning Brochure