County State Aid Highway 18 Construction Project

May 31, 2018 - CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: The proposed improvements to County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 18, from the intersection of MacIver Avenue NE/Barthel Industrial Drive NE to CSAH 22 (Naber Avenue NE) are scheduled to begin the week of June 4, 2018.

VEIT & Company of Rogers, MN is the prime contractor that will be leading the construction, along with several sub-contractors that they will be overseeing/supervising.  Several private utility companies (M&P Nexlevel, Centerpoint, Centurylink, Charter, and Xcel Energy) will also be performing relocation work of their private utilities within the highway corridor in conjunction with the highway construction.  

Although the highway will be detoured during construction, with a posted detour route, residents that live along the construction zone will have access to their homes.  The construction is scheduled to continue into the Fall of 2018, when traffic will be opened to the public, with completion of the work coming in 2019.

WSB & Associates will be performing the inspection/construction management services for the work.  If you have construction related concerns during the project, please contact one of the following people:  Jeff Eggert, Project Manager, (612-360-1316); Kory Eichhorst, Project Inspector, (612-214-7741); Chad Hausmann, Assistant County Engineer, (763-682-7387); or Jeremy Carlson, Right-of-Way Agent, (763-682-7386).

May 17, 2018 Construction Update: Bids were received for the construction of highway 18 and on Tuesday, May 15th the County Board awarded the construction contract to Veit & Company of Rogers, Minnesota.  It is anticipated that work will begin the week of June 4th, 2018.  A pre-construction meeting will be held in the next week or so with the contractor where we will find out the planned sequence of the work (which areas work will begin first, etc.).  A map of the official detour route for the project can be found by (clicking here).

County State Aid Highway (CSAH 18) is planned to be reconstructed during the 2018 construction season.  A posted detour will be in place to route traffic around the project limits during construction.

The CSAH 18 (50th Street NE) improvements, approximately one mile in length, from Maciver Ave NE to Naber Ave NE, are being done to address current and long term safety and capacity needs of the corridor, and improve the structural strength of the roadway.  The 50th Street NE (Highway 18)project is identified as a Mid-Term (2015-2025) improvement in the Northeast Wright County Sub-Area Transportation Study, dated June, 2004. The project is also included in the Wright County Local Option Sales Tax projects list(approved June 13, 2017) as a short-term project (2018-2022). The project will improve safety and capacity by widening the roadway to provide for left-turning traffic, providing right-turn lanes, and intersection improvements to meet current state aid design standards. This route is identified in the NE Wright County Sub-Area Study as an important arterial route that will provide a continuous east-west connection between highway 19 and highway 22 (Naber Ave.NE).

The project is currently in the preliminary design phase, with recent public input that was gathered at an open house on November 15th being taken into consideration before the project heads into the final design phase.  Please click here for a summary of the public input received regarding this project.

Please click on the following links for some information/project schedule presented at the open house on November 15, 2017; and for the latest project plan layout.

Highway 18 Project Open House Information

Highway 18 Project Layout (1.22.2018)

Intersection Control Evaluation - Highway 18/MacIver/Barthel Industrial Drive

Please click on the link below for the Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) report that is currently being routed for signatures/approval (as of February 22, 2018).

ICE Report - Highway 18/MacIver/Barthel Industrial Dr.

Other Intersection Options Considered at CSAH 18/MacIver/Barthel Industrial Dr.:  Please click on the following three (3) links to view other intersection options that were considered.  These three (3) options were dismissed due to higher costs for right-of-way versus the preferred option that was eventually selected (see Highway 18 Project Layout - 1.22.2018 link above).

Original RAB Layout 10.17.2017

CSAH 18 - MacIver Alternate A

CSAH 18 - MacIver Alternate B 

Alternate Roundabout Options Considered:  With input from the public we evaluated alternate roundabout configurations at the intersection of highway 18/MacIver/Barthel Industrial Drive. The alternate roundabout layouts can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Alternate 1 RAB Layout (CSAH 18 Tee)

Alternate 2 RAB Layout (Barthel Industrial Drive)

  • Alternate 1 RAB Summary: The east leg of CSAH 18 Tees into the  roundabout.  This shifts the roundabout completely into the vacant parcel at the NE quadrant of the intersection.  The layout shows the westbound to southbound left to MacIver still remaining open.  
  • Alternate 2 RAB Summary: Includes shifting the roundabout to the south, but staying out of the southeast quadrant.  This configuration would require a right-in, right-out configuration for MacIver.     Southbound through and westbound lefts would be required to use a different route to continue south, likely motorists would use Lansing  Avenue.

The matrix below compares the three alternatives.                                                                                           




Elliptical Option


Alternate 1
 (CSAH 18 Tee)


Alternate 2
 (Barthel Industrial Tee)




Land Required (Acre)










Vehicles Re-Routed during PM  Peak (vehicles)








Alternate 1 does allow the  left's in, both alternatives allow the NB-WB Lefts to navigate the roundabout


Additional Peak Hour Travel Time  (minutes)








Added time for NB-WB Lefts,  WB-SB Lefts (Alt 2 only), SB Thru's (Alt 2 Only)


Additional Volume on Lansing  Avenue (PM Peak) (vehicles)










Additional Cost ($)








 Not including R/W cost


Minimum Proximity to NE Quad  Dwelling (ft)








* From Face of Proposed Curb


Minimum Proximity to NW Quad  Dwelling (ft)








* From Face of Proposed Curb


Minimum Proximity to SW Quad  Dwelling (ft)








* From Face of Proposed Curb


Based upon the analysis, the Alternative Roundabout options would have greater impact to operations, greater cost, additional right-of-way acquisition, and closer proximity to dwellings.


Geotechnical Engineering Reports

Two (2) geotechnical (soils) reports were prepared to aid in the project design, dated August 11, 2017 and December 29, 2017, respectively.  The two (2) reports have been combined and can be viewed by clicking on the link below. Please note that some of the language in the reports (Introduction on page 1 of the 12/29/2017 report) reference the original roadway design parameters, that have since been changed (reduced) based on feedback and input during the public engagement process.

Highway 18 Geotechnical Engineering Reports

For more information or if you have questions on this project, please contact:

Chad Hausmann, Assistant County Engineer;; 763-682-7387

Jeremy Carlson, Right of Way Agent: ; 763-682-7386