Highway Department Fee Schedule

Item Cost Breakdown
Culvert Delivery for New Entrances          $    50.00  
Entrance Permit/Inspection Fee $    50.00 Single/Resident./Non-Commercial
$  250.00 Commercial
Mailbox Supports (Installed on Co. Highways)
$    70.00
*Supports are furnished and installed at no cost to property owners as part of any County overlay or grading project.
New mailbox furnished & installed as part of the County's installation
$    15.00 Optional service
Moving Permit: Overweight & Oversized $    25.00 Single
  $  200.00 Annual + Weight Fee
Plat Review $  250.00
Miscellaneous Sales      Cost +10% handling fee
Registration Fee $    40.00 Initial Registration, then annual registration
$    00.00 Government entity
Right Of Way Permit $  100.00 Excavation/obstruction and/or up to 1st mile lateral installation 
$    50.00  Each additional mile or portion there of
(Working without a permit, fee automatically increases to 4 times the regular permit fee, example: regular permit fee is $150.00, penalty permit fee = $600.00)
Bond Schedule
Blanket Bond for maintenance of existing facilities within right-of-way $10,000.00 Includes service line hookups
Open Trench Construction Off road in ditch, ie: water, sewer, force main, storm sewer etc.
Project Bond $25,000.00 In favor of Wright County for up to 1/2 mile or work
$50,000.00 In favor of Wright County for over 1/2 mile up to 1 mile of work
$50,000.00 Additional for each mile over the 1st or a portion there of
Minor crossing under road bed $  5,000.00 per crossing $50,000.00 per permit Directional boring, jack boring, depths of 10' or less under road bed
Major crossing under road bed $50,000.00 per crossing Directional boring, jack boring, depths of over 10' under road bed
Open cut of bituminous roadbed
(When allowed)
Entire width of roadbed $10,000.00 -
For each 10 foot width of cut.
Maximum per open cut.
Partial cut into roadbed $ 5,000.00 Up to the centerline for a water hookup.
No Bond required for direct bury(trenching machine) for 1st mile $ 1,000.00 For every mile over the 1st.